Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun New Trim at the Cottage!

Look what I just added to the store! The first image is a Chenille and Cotton Jute trim that I think can be as dressy or as casual as you want to make it depending on your project.

The next three are Mini Pompom trim that also come in brown and black! Only 3/8" wide with each pom approximately 1/8" diameter. Tiny, fun, sexy!

Bright Pink

Light Blue

Light Pink

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Friday All! Fun Eye Candy!

Oh my goodness. This week in the mountains of Tennessee have seen The. Most. Perfect. Weather! And so exciting... my new double hung windows were installed early in the week so I feel doubly blessed. I finally have windows that actually open, that I can actually clean! Anyone who knows me knows I have an aversion to dirty windows and my windows have basically been dirty since we moved into this shabby old cottage.

Now don't get me wrong, I always was able to clean my windows from the inside. But that only took care of a small portion of the problem. Because the old storm windows were so old and crotchety my DH was afraid once they came off there was no getting them back on without rebuilding a window. So I've lived with dirty windows and he's lived with a complaining wife. Now we're both happy! ;-)

The other old house window problem was that some of my windows wouldn't even open and some had cracks and some had to be propped up. But now, oh NOW I have windows that not only can I clean but they open and stay open all by themselves!! And so this week I've been able to enjoy this perfect weather with every window open, a soft summer breeze, and the sun shining in. Now it seems the world looks bigger and brighter and better!! Like I said...doubly blessed! It truly is the little things isn't it?


Now here is some fun eye candy and inspiration from some of our Design Team. They each received a sample of Crafty Secrets Little Girl Outfit and were simply asked to "Create", because these ladies certainly need no direction from me! One project. Three totally different looks! Talk about inspiration!

Sharon Wideman created this beautiful patriotic dress and finished it off with one of our vintage look hangers.

Dawn Edmonson glued her dress together and made a one of kind heirloom card for the parents of a new baby girl with a poem on the back.

Sally Smith cut hers apart and made a book! Wouldn't this be a fun project to create for grandmere!

Aren't they great!! We're almost out of stock but I will be re-ordering.


The creations that came out of my studio were a bit on the small side and done last week but I'm just now getting the time to get them up and they will be added to my Etsy shop The Papier Cottage as soon as possible These are small composition books, approximately 3.5 x 4.5. Elegant little books for notes to yourself. ;-) These would make a great gift when you just need something small.


And for the TGIF free image of the honor of my new windows ;-) I leave you with a little something I put together digitally. I hope you enjoy it!

And don't forget....Check out our new blog and get ready for our first contest July 1!!!!!

Y'all have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Monthly Contests Added to New Blog

Tuesday, July 1, will see the first Challenge Contest at our new blog Mind Wide Open! If you stop by the blog we now have a subscriber box up and that's an easy way to get an email reminder every time we post a new Contest. Which will be the first of each month! Not only do you get a challenge but the winner receives a $20.00 shopping spree at Shabby Cottage Studio and free shipping. Our prices are so reasonable you can find some good fun for $20.00!
Also, later in July we will have our first Project of the Month posted, along with a tutorial. Each month one of our Design Team, or myself or a guest artist will post a Project and tutorial to help spark your creative journey.
So come on over to Mind Wide Open and play with us!

Sweet Southern Smoochies


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tell Gail To Get Herself Home!

There is a new Blog in Blogland and if you go visit please tell Gail to get herself home where she seems she's been over there FOR-evah!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Beware Identity Theft

Have you seen these? I received them in an email and thought I'd share a few with you because they're just so darned cute!


And here's another cutie I'm sharing with you for Friday's TGIF free image. Have fun with it!

I wish everyone a beautiful stress free weekend! Enjoy is the blink of an eye.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cottage Fun!

Look what just walked in the Cottage door! We've got two colors of Dew Drops, some new mini paper roses, two new seam binding colors and a new version of our vintage hanger with clips and three colors (pink, blue and white) of blank tickets that are fun to stamp with words and images. You can check out the What's New page to see all the goodies. Our prices are good, and shipping is fast so come on by any time!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Do You Care About Your Work?

Are you an artist? A designer? Do you create original works of art or designs? Do you put your blood, sweat and tears into your work? Do you agnoize over your creations, worry about them, feel they are part of you? Do you feel your artwork or your designs represent who you are as an artist, as a person? Then it might behoove you to take a couple minutes from your busy life and read this!!! Because if something is not done then things could change drastically and not to your liking!
I am not a political person in any sense, in fact some could almost call me anti-political, but this disturbs me, for all our sakes. I just received this information and thought I'd pass it on.

The following information was recently put out by The Craft & Hobby Association. It concerns a bill known as "The Orphan Works Act of 2008" currently scheduled to go before the Senate for approval. Although it may not directly affect someone who does not make their living through their art, I felt it was important to pass this information along to people who have expressed an interest in art and encourage you to learn more and decide if you wish to take action. I hope you find the information useful to you.


In April of 2008 a Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill known as the Orphan Works Act. Orphan Works are works whose rightful copyright owner cannot be identified. The Orphan Works Act of 2008 does the following:

· It changes the 1976 U.S. Copyright Act, and makes it virtually impossible for artists to protect their work. It allows anyone to use a design without the copyright holder's permission.

· It requires artists to attempt to protect their work by registering it with a digital database system (presumably for a fee, in addition to the copyright filing fee) when no such system currently exists.

· It eliminates statutory damages wherever an infringer can successfully claim an Orphan Works defense, thus eliminating the only tool the law provides to prevent deliberate infringement.

· It allows for an infringer to create and copyright a derivative work from the original design.

· It leaves infringing works (and products incorporating them) subject to seizure in other countries.

Since the legislation was introduced the Craft & Hobby Association along with the Graphic Artists Guild and George Little Management, hired lobbyist Megan Gray to work on their behalf. She has spent an inordinate amount of time writing to diverse industry associations in the plethora of visual art enterprises to alert them to the legislation and to invite them to help fund this expensive lobbying endeavor. She has also held in-person meetings with the Copyright Office multiple times, with Senate offices on the key Judiciary Committee, House of Representative offices on the key Judiciary Committee and with more than 10 additional Hill offices that will play important roles as the legislation moves through to enactment. In addition Ms. Gray has met with Senators, has scheduled meetings with Representatives, has met with stakeholders on all sides of this issue, compiled state-specific handouts on the importance of the visual arts industries, visited trade shows, published articles, given presentations and worked with bar associations to draft appropriate resolutions regarding "orphan works."

The Orphan Works Act will have a devastating effect on the craft and hobby industry especially artists, manufacturers and the entire art licensing community. This bill will nullify exclusive rights to artwork, which will be detrimental for everyone involved in creating art and manufacturing products featuring art. The bill does not even contain a "notice of use" provision, which means that copyright owners can do nothing to prevent their works from being commercially exploited as supposed "orphans".

The bill is now on its way to the Senate floor for a vote by the full Senate. CHA urges its members to take action! Write to your senators, asking them to halt all progress on the bill until it is amended and ask them to vote against the bill if it is NOT amended to protect visual artists and to include, at a minimum, a publicly accessible "notice of use" filing. Letters to senators should include in the first paragraph information regarding the writer (especially noting if he is a constituent), the name of the bill ("The Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act of 2008" S. 2913), and the writer's position, particularly as to the "notice of use" provision.

The link below can help you get started. Click on the link for a sample letter to use. You may also personalize your own letter. Just by taking a few minutes of your time, a letter will automatically be emailed to the US Senate. We recommend you also print out the letter and mail it.

Take action by clicking here

In addition, as of mid-May 2008, the House Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet has approved an "orphan works" bill that is an improvement over past bills and which contains a "notice of use" provision. However, this "notice of use" is not publicly accessible for review by copyright owners. Even in its hidden role, many stakeholders are fighting to strip this provision to the bill. The visual art groups are, of course, fighting to keep it in and to make it an open archive. The next step in the process is unclear, as the bill's sponsors have indicated that they will be working to address a variety of provisions. At some future point, it is expected that the bill will be presented to the House Committee on the Judiciary for a vote, perhaps in amended form. Once it is more apparent what the Judiciary Committee will be presented with, the Craft & Hobby Association will alert its members and recommend action as may be appropriate. In the meantime, Megan Gray will continue her extensive efforts to influence the legislation.

Thank you for taking the time! Together we can make a difference.

More Information:

List of Senators and District Office addresses:

Orphan Works Opposition Headquarters

Contact Keri Cunningham, Marketing Manager, at or by phone at 201-835-1229

THINK ABOUT IT! Really think about it and the ramifications if this bill is passed.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day ~ New Collage Sheets/Paper

Hope everyone had a fabulous Father's Day...especially dad! My sister cooked dinner and brought it to my folk's house. We kept it simple this year and we gathered around for pork barbeque, potato salad, chips and chocolate cake. De-Lish! Thanks Sissy!

It was a gorgeous do nothing, lazy kind of day here in the mountains. Although we hit 80 degrees the humidity was non-existent and a nice soft breeze blew all day. I spent some time in the garden , talked on-line with friends, sat in the swing in the shade with my mom and swapped stories. Then dinner I didn't have to cook. Who could ask for anything more. ;-)

I've been working on some fun new collage sheets I'm calling the Altered series. Last week I came out with Altered Ladies. (Pictures are clickable)

Tonight I added Altered Children .

And Altered Divas

I also added one called Diva in Blue (not part of the Altered Series)

I also added some new papers

Black and Cream Damask

Black and Cream Damask Variation

Black and Cream Love Script

I hope you like the new offerings! And I hope everyone has had a great weekend and feel refreshed to face the coming week, whatever it may bring.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Busy Friday ~~TGIF

Oh goodness, it's been one of those days where I feel likeI'm still trying to catch my breath, and here it is just after 9pm already! My mornings are usually structured so that the computer is getting up and running while I eat breakfast and then I check emails and orders, pull orders, print whatever needs printed to fill an order and then package and ship orders. Living in a small community our Post Office closes between 11 & 12 for lunch and then closes for the day at 3:30. Yes, 3:30. So I like to get my packages down there usually by 2-ish.

And now on Fridays my hubby is off. So this is also our "market" day. Again, living in a small rural community up on a mountain, you kind of learn to plan things, as there is no simple running out to the store because you forgot something. And Fridays always worked well for us. But today we left earlier than usual because we needed to go to the "city" that is on the other side of the small town we usually shop in. Ergo, longer, much longer, trip.

We left the house just before 2 this afternoon and when we got home it was almost 8pm. I'm tired. But I can't complain because out of the trip I got a new set of sheets to go with my new bedroom color and new comforter set I've got on order, a new toaster/convection oven and a new electric skillet and dinner at KFC. Who says after all these years my DH doesn't know how to treat a girl romantically. ;-)

Over at Ning's Etsy Cottage Style the Fun Friday Challenge is going strong. I missed two challenges while they were running, one was a prompt of Geneology and then one that was Window, so when I got other things caught up I determined to catch those up also and ended up doing a digital print incorporating both challenges into one. I call it simply "Family".

This past week our prompt was Children and I created these tags that I will add to the The Papier Cottage this weekend over at Etsy

And since our prompt this week was Children I'm giving you this image of a lovely child for your TGIF Free Image and hope you have fun with her!
I'm off to catch my breath! I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

AVP Giveaway & Beautiful New Collage Sheets

I belong to the wonderful blog ring Aged Vintage Papier created and beautifully run by the fabulous Miss Amy Sutter. If you have not had the opportunity to stop by this blog you really need to visit. There is an amazing array of eye-popping talent gathered here in one spot. You can check out everyone's blogs and their boutiques for gift ideas and inspiration.

In celebration of now having 50 members Aged Vintage Papier is sponsoring their first web ring giveaway and anyone can enter. And more giveaways are in the works as Aged Vintage Papier will now be hosting Member sponsored give-aways! Definitely the place to be for chances to win some fabulous art.

The first giveaway is sponsored by the fabulous Sherry of Esprit *D'Art for two sets of "Vintage" tags, totalling a retail value of over $16.00. So run, don't walk to throw your hat in the ring!
I added four new beautiful collage sheets to the store tonight. As always they are also available digitally. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Illustrated Victorian Fashions (from my private collection)

1 Inch Potpourri Circles

Say a Little Prayer

Altered Ladies ( vintage images digitally altered by moi)