Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Check Out the Awesome Art! Then Vote!

Oh. My. Goodness. Over at Mind Wide Open we have had the most amazing response to the brand new blog and Contest Challenge! Thirty three artists/crafters all working with one image in different mediums have deigned to take time out of their busy lives and create some beauty. So please stop by and check out the eye candy at Mind Wide Open and then cast your vote for your favorite. It's hard folks. Real hard.

And since I totally missed our TGIF free image Friday I'm adding it here. On Tuesday. What can I say. I'm getting old. ;-) In honor of my BFF Liz who shared the weekend with me.


artisticdiva said...

Oh my gosh! How ever to choose? They are all so wonderful! How does one "grade" and vote for these. As a teacher of writing, I know how hard it is to "judge" the kids' writing when it's so personal, but art, wow, this is hard. They are all so creative!

Sherry said...

Gail, hard doesn't even come close to what choosing one of these entries...they're all good and worthy of winning!!

Thanks for the image...glad you had such a wonderful time with the bff...one of life's pleasures!!