Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Friday All! It's TGIF Again! YAY!

Don't we just love our Fridays?! For most of us it means two whole days of not working, more than just a few hours spent with loved ones,time to think, to dream and so much more. After a couple much needed rainy days here in our little mountain valley the flowers are doing their little blooming dance and the vegetable garden is smiling and today is sunshine bright.

Things over at Mind Wide Open are finally calming down somewhat after a busy, hopping week! And if you haven't had a chance to get over there and drool over the eye candy and cast your vote you've got until Midnight (est)July 14 to do so. We already have over 100 voters!

It has been simply amazing what has transpired over there and I would love to see it happen again next month! Remember, even though it truly isn't about the winning, (because as I keep saying, the prize is just a motivator to get you to play) the fact is there is a prize. A $20.00 shopping spree at Shabby Cottage Studio with free shipping. :-)

I have a brand new series of collage sheets that are going to be released within the week over at the store and I will announce the release here with a preview of a couple sheets. This is a series near and dear to my hear and I've been working hard on them. They are one of a kind and different from what you're used to in a collage sheet. So stay tuned. I think they're beautiful but one could say I'm a tad biased about them. ;-)

Well I have my usual Friday errands to run and so I leave you with this week's free image. A little something I put together digitally for you. Hope you enjoy it. And I wish everyone a great weekend!


Sherry said...

Oh you know I'm going to love this -- not just the colours which are gorgeous -- it's got butterflies!!! Wooo...thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful and I think it will be perfect for a project I want to try. Thank you!!

Nita Jo said...

I love the butterflies and the colors! Thank you! Also, the contest was so much fun. Looking forward to the next challenge!

Sandie R said...

This is awsome Gail. I just love it, colours, composition, subject matter, just everything is wonderful about this piece. Gotta be a way I can print this on canvas just to hang it.