Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tip of the Iceberg

I have a bunch of new inventory to list, the boxes are opened but still sitting on the floor of my studio...waiting....for me. They need to be unpacked, pictures taken, (and sometimes as the case was pictures uploaded to the computer and resized. Then they have to be resized once more and uploaded to the website, and descriptions written and pricing figured out. Then I can get pictures of them up on the front page of the store, and blog about them.

Oh dear, I'm tired just thinking about it. Mom and dad are offering brownies at 7pm...I think I'm going to wander over there instead. ;-) Of course there won't be any busy little fairies or trolls over here working while I'm over there eating, so it will all still be here...waiting....for me. ;-)

But I did manage to get a custom banner done today and these new items listed in the I wasn't all bad today. <Insert evil grin and wiggly eyebrows here>.

Four new colors of German glass glitter
The mini pom-pom trim now comes in white
Blank wood blocks...lots of fun here!
So that's it for today and more new products are in the works.
Hope everyone has had a MARVELOUS Saturday!

4 comments: said...

Mmmmm...brownies.... The wood blocks are great! I can think of so many great uses!

Fannie said...

Hi, Gail~

We have not met, but I enjoy visiting your blog, love your art, and I'm a subscriber of "Mind Wide Open."

I've nominated you for two awards. See my blog post for more info:


Susan Hickam said...

love your new banner! It is really beautiful. Love your blog-I always look forward to new posts.

Anonymous said...

Loved your shop! Anxiously awaiting frames & slides to play with I ordered. Couldn't bring up blocks, though -- nothing appears when you link to it. Was so disappointed. They are so cool.