Sunday, August 31, 2008

Suffering from Withdrawal

What does one do when it seems almost everything you do is tied into your computer?

When you get up on a Saturday morning and a blank stare is the only thing you can get from your monitor.

And then soon after the computer looks like this.

Because this is what the new computer looks like at the same time the old computer goes belly up. Hmm...I think I'm in trouble.
It is spread everywhere in my usually nice and fairly neat office.

So what do you do besides pace the floor?

Well I finally cleaned off my paint work station. I should have taken a before picture so you would know what a vast improvement this is.
And then you work on some kits for the store that have been waiting patiently for ever so long!

And then finally, when you think you can't take it anymore your computer is back up and running . Now the new one still isn't ready to take the place of the old one but at this point I'll take anything!

Oh, did I tell you I bought a new computer? ;-) According to my "computer builder" when it's done and up and running I will have a real "hummer". That's nice dear. But what I really care about is that it will stop running so s...l...o...w... and that it will stop freezing up on me and in general just being a real pain in the #**. If it will stop doing all that AND "hum" in the process? Well, okay, I like humming. ;-)

Thanks to those of you who patiently waited on digital orders yesterday and didn't get them until late last night. My appreciation for your understanding!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

It is a long weekend right? I mean the months go so fast, just how fast will a 3 day weekend go by? Don't turn your head or you might miss your holiday weekend! LOL Okay, I'm being silly. But it is the end of the month in another two days and we are seeing definite hints of fall. The nights have been cooling down, and as you drive down the mountain, here and there, you will see a small flash of red and yellow in the surrounding forest.

I've been busy this week. But I'm pleased I got this one thing done..... I joined a fairy swap over at Etsy Cottage Style and got it in the mail Wednesday (I hate to admit a few days late...eek!) to my swap partner, the lovely Sherry of Esprit*d'art. I can't show you pictures yet until Sherry gets her package but here's a teeny hint for you Sherry sweets. ;-)

And here's a picture of who's been using my studio the most lately.

That, of course, would be Gracie in her "aren't I a cute kittie?" pose on my worktable. Where she is NOT supposed to be! Which is why she's posing so mom won't yell, "GRACIE! Get off my table!"

I have some fun new papers and collage sheets coming real soon, so keep an eye out for those.

For those of you who will be around, don't forget Monday Sept. 1, is the beginning of our next Challenge Contest over at Mind Wide Open. I'm SO excited about the new image and it's been so hard to not reveal it these past few weeks! ;-)

And if you haven't been over to MWO this week you need to check out not only Viola Erdmann's interview but check out Viola's work via her blog! She is one extremely talented lady! I LOVE her work!

So I am wishing everyone here in the States a most happy and wonderful holiday, and those of you out of the States I wish you a happy and wonderful regular weekend! :-) In honor of the above "cute kittie", today's TGIF free image is another "cute kiddie". I personally think they are both adorable. ;-)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Thought on Emails and Two New Collage Sheets

Happy Sunday lovely bloggers! I hope your day is one of peace and fun, laughter and love. And for those of you who have to go back to work tomorrow I'm sure your weekend has felt all to short. I too have to go back to work tomorrow, albeit a short walk from the rest of the house into my office and studio.

Actually running an online business from home I guess I could say, between eating and sleeping, I'm always at work. And okay, a lot of you might say I don't have a life. :-) But as I've posted before, we chose to live a small and simpler life by our move to the mountains, so doing what I do...I guess I'd have to say this IS my life. ;-) And I'm blessed to be able to have whatever skills and know how I have, to accomplish this little business of mine.

I've also posted before about my computer addiction. And yes I'm still addicted, and that probably won't change in any near future. SO with that said I would also like to say this...if you email me with a legitimate concern or question, I will ALWAYS answer you. To me, just because we live in a more technology based world these days does not preclude manners. And as far as I'm concerned manners should be included in emails. My mama raised me right. Manners are manners no matter what.

There have been times when I have received a store comment/email from customers with a question. And I know there are some of those would be customers who might think I have ignored them....not answered them. But I ALWAYS (let me repeat myself) answer my email. The problem is usually someone has included a typo in their email address and not caught it. Or it is a yahoo email address and often those emails are bounced back to the sender as undeliverable (just in case you yahoo emailers didn't know that). OR it is an AOL address and the same thing go for AOL emails. And I always try to send my response email several times in case it is something I did wrong on my end.

So if you have tried to contact me and have thought I did not answer your email...I apologize, but I DID answer your email, and it has bounced back to me for whatever reason, as undeliverable. So try sending your email to me again...I don't mind!

This post is not in response to any particular person or email, it's just something I've had on my mind and been meaning to post about. So good, now I can cross this off my to do list. ;-)

I just listed two new collage sheets in the store and I will be adding them to the Etsy store shortly. Thanks to everyone who has sent me emails about the new "Altered Series"...I'm so happy you're enjoying them!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Cat Funny and TGIF

My mom and dad are leaving tomorrow for a 4 day trip to Nevada. They love casinos ;-) So today mom came over to remind me keep an eye on their two outdoor cats.

These two cats are mother and daughter, they are both black as night and the only way you can tell them apart is if you get up close. Blackie, the mom, has a few white hairs on her chest but so fine you can't see them at a distance. Her daughter Mousie has a kink in her tail so if she's walking you can usually tell it's her by the kink. Otherwise it's hopeless to differentiate them from a distance

Mom and dad have a small storage shed at the end of their driveway and they added a cat door so the cats can get in and out to their food. Mom said today she was at the kitchen window when she noticed Blackie just sitting in front of the cat door staring at it. Something alerted mom that she should continue to watch Blackie.

Sure enough, Blackie got up, walked to the cat door and started to go through it when the door shut bumping Blackie in the head. Apparently this went on several times. Of course mom called dad, and they watched this strange behavior for a little bit laughing themselves silly, until dad finally went out and opened the "human" door so Blackie could get in the shed. What was so funny you ask? Well Mousie was on the inside in front of the cat door and apparently didn't want her mom to come in, because everytime Blackie would try to enter the door, Mousie would take her paw and swipe the door shut on Blackies head.

Tell me cats aren't smart. ;-)

If you haven't had a chance to check out Mind Wide Open we put up a fun Altered Halloween tutorial by Kathi Robinaugh and Sherry did a really nice interview with Kathi. So stop on by!

Here is this weeks free TGIF image for the week. Hope you like it. And I hope everyone has fun plans for this next to last weekend in August!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun New Collage Sheets at the Cottage!

Okay all you little Halloween lovers out there, in between banner making, I've been creating some cool Halloween Collage Sheets and have yet more to come! ;-) I thought I'd share the latest with you. They are in the store as of now and I will be adding them to Etsy later.

Trick or Treat Tags

And for the Romantic, Cottage, French lover in you I have French Perfume Bottle Tags

Hope you enjoy!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Friday!

Not only happy Friday but Happy Middle of August! Summer has been been speedy this year. Although I have a feeling at my age everything is speedy these days and will only continue to travel at the speed of light. ;-)

I apologize I totally forgot last Friday's TGIF free image. Fridays are kind of busy around here and then I had all the Mind Wide Open contest entries to get posted over there so things just slipped away. ;-)

Today I have posted the winner over at Mind Wide Open so go check it out!

And this week I'm leaving you with two TGIF free images in honor of artists and stepping outside the box. Hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What Have I Been Doing Lately?

Ask me a question, I'll give you a few answers. :-)
Custom Blog banners, Etsy banners, business card templates.
It's like creating minature art. Thanks to everyone who trusted me to create for them! Every single one has been fun! If you're wondering about the banners with the white backgrounds? Those backgrounds are actually transparent but loading them up as images in a post won't allow them to stay transparent. Telle est la vie mes amis. ;-)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Contest, New Collage Sheets &TGIF

Don't forget the new contest over at Mind Wide Open started today! You have plenty of time to join and enter, the deadline is August 7, at midnight EST. The prize is a $20.00 shopping spree with free shipping at Shabby Cottage Studio - the online store! The winner will also be interviewed on MWO. We offer these as motivators to hopefully get you to play but our goal is simply to inspire you to create, make some time for you and have FUN! So go check out our images and word prompt for the month and enter the contest. The rules are tres simple.

I know a lot of you are starting to think about Halloween projects. Along with our regular Halloween collage sheets I just added two brand new ones to the altered series. I have added them to the store and I'm on my way over to list them in the Etsy store.

Also I have added a New Decorative Paper design.
The Damasks seem to be popular so here is one called.....

It's been a gorgeous day in the mountains. It rained yesterday and seemed to cool the air off. When we went down the mountain for our weekly errands it was hot, hot, hot down there. And as always we can't wait to get back up the mountain. It's funny, there is a spot in the road where you can physically feel the temperature drop about 10 degrees. Love it!

Here is your TGIF free image this week, with a little altering by moi. (of course) ;-) Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend! Stay cool, stay safe, have fun!