Sunday, August 31, 2008

Suffering from Withdrawal

What does one do when it seems almost everything you do is tied into your computer?

When you get up on a Saturday morning and a blank stare is the only thing you can get from your monitor.

And then soon after the computer looks like this.

Because this is what the new computer looks like at the same time the old computer goes belly up. Hmm...I think I'm in trouble.
It is spread everywhere in my usually nice and fairly neat office.

So what do you do besides pace the floor?

Well I finally cleaned off my paint work station. I should have taken a before picture so you would know what a vast improvement this is.
And then you work on some kits for the store that have been waiting patiently for ever so long!

And then finally, when you think you can't take it anymore your computer is back up and running . Now the new one still isn't ready to take the place of the old one but at this point I'll take anything!

Oh, did I tell you I bought a new computer? ;-) According to my "computer builder" when it's done and up and running I will have a real "hummer". That's nice dear. But what I really care about is that it will stop running so s...l...o...w... and that it will stop freezing up on me and in general just being a real pain in the #**. If it will stop doing all that AND "hum" in the process? Well, okay, I like humming. ;-)

Thanks to those of you who patiently waited on digital orders yesterday and didn't get them until late last night. My appreciation for your understanding!


Sherry said...

Isn't it awful how "dependent" we've become on computers?!?! We are such a sad lot...but the thing is, we've come to rely on them and especially for digital work..what else can you do?!?

Seems to me you made good use of the'll be a little "humming-birdie" now!! ;)

Malphi said...

Lovely blog to scroll through!
Susannah x

Nita Jo said...

I dream of the day I can replace my old computer. I'd love to send it to a local charity... Computers for Kids (they revamp and give them to kids who have none)... Anyway, I have a list of things my dream computer must do! I have visions of photoshop...

Congrats on getting your new one!
Nita Jo