Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Thought on Emails and Two New Collage Sheets

Happy Sunday lovely bloggers! I hope your day is one of peace and fun, laughter and love. And for those of you who have to go back to work tomorrow I'm sure your weekend has felt all to short. I too have to go back to work tomorrow, albeit a short walk from the rest of the house into my office and studio.

Actually running an online business from home I guess I could say, between eating and sleeping, I'm always at work. And okay, a lot of you might say I don't have a life. :-) But as I've posted before, we chose to live a small and simpler life by our move to the mountains, so doing what I do...I guess I'd have to say this IS my life. ;-) And I'm blessed to be able to have whatever skills and know how I have, to accomplish this little business of mine.

I've also posted before about my computer addiction. And yes I'm still addicted, and that probably won't change in any near future. SO with that said I would also like to say this...if you email me with a legitimate concern or question, I will ALWAYS answer you. To me, just because we live in a more technology based world these days does not preclude manners. And as far as I'm concerned manners should be included in emails. My mama raised me right. Manners are manners no matter what.

There have been times when I have received a store comment/email from customers with a question. And I know there are some of those would be customers who might think I have ignored them....not answered them. But I ALWAYS (let me repeat myself) answer my email. The problem is usually someone has included a typo in their email address and not caught it. Or it is a yahoo email address and often those emails are bounced back to the sender as undeliverable (just in case you yahoo emailers didn't know that). OR it is an AOL address and the same thing go for AOL emails. And I always try to send my response email several times in case it is something I did wrong on my end.

So if you have tried to contact me and have thought I did not answer your email...I apologize, but I DID answer your email, and it has bounced back to me for whatever reason, as undeliverable. So try sending your email to me again...I don't mind!

This post is not in response to any particular person or email, it's just something I've had on my mind and been meaning to post about. So good, now I can cross this off my to do list. ;-)

I just listed two new collage sheets in the store and I will be adding them to the Etsy store shortly. Thanks to everyone who has sent me emails about the new "Altered Series"...I'm so happy you're enjoying them!



Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Gail.


Nita Jo said...

As always, I love your new collage sheets!

Thank you for mentioning the emails. I will keep it in mind if I send one. I know that my AOL spam filter knocks a lot into the spam folder, so I've taken to checking that every day.

Hope you have a wonderful, productive work week!

Nita Jo

Sherry said...

Fabulous images Gail and those children are simply precious!!

Your business grace and manners are always impeccible...but I think addressing the issue of emails not answered/igorned is a good "opening the door" -- it happens when emails are bounced back or they become lost in cyberspace.

It's easy to say "someone didn't bother to respond" but it's better to send another email to make sure. Great commentary!

Fannie said...

Hi, Gail~

Great collage sheets!

Would you mind sending me the code for your "Mind Wide Open" badge so I can place it in my blog's sidebar?


Love visiting your blog, and the music is enchanting.