Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Auction for a Good Cause

If you are a lover of the Blythe doll, animals or good deeds then rush on over to Scrapbook Royalty Silent Auctions. They are having an auction for The "Blythe and Friends" book that contains 25 hand-made, front and back, 4" x 4" original mixed media art pages as well as handmade front and back covers, from artists in nine states and three countries.

All proceeds are for a most excellent cause........ A Place to Bark and Meow is mixed media artist Bernie Berlin's no-kill animal rescue in Tennessee. Bernie Berlin's blog is As she herself says, "I run a full-time dog rescue, taking in the dogs that have been abandoned, abused or police confiscated. I foster, retrain, transport & adopt. Cats are also welcome at my rescue. I am drawn to the unwanted, unloved and misunderstood. I am hoping to educate and effect change for the animals that do not have a voice of their own."

So if you can please go bid! You'll know you helped save a life.