Friday, September 26, 2008

Big Sale! Free Give Aways! Coming Soon!

It's hard to believe that Shabby Cottage Studio has been in business a full year come Oct. 2! This time last year I was working frantically trying to make sure I had everything done and ready for the Grand Opening. I had spent the end of last summer working on setting up the website and the learning curve was steep at times, but I persevered, got past the frustrations, the feelings of being stupid and the I'm NEVER going to get this!" protestations about "all things technology based".

And now it's been a year and I feel like, although I still have so much more to learn about "all things technology based" and it wasn't always easy, with a lot of hard work and many, many...many hours sitting in front of this screen, tap, tap, tapping those keys.....I did it! I got my business up, running and growing. And I plan on continuing to grow. I always tell myself, it will be what it is meant to be, when it is supposed to be. LOL

But for all the hard work I've done behind the scenes, none of this could be possible without you my dear friends and customers! Through all this I've had the hands of friendship extended to me, I've had people trust that I will do what I say I will do, I've had people be kind and generous. I've had customer's give me the most marvelous compliments from their hearts. I've been inspired beyond belief by the people I meet. And so I want to say thank you. Such two little humble words with a whole lot of meaning behind them.

I wish I could invite you all here to the real Cottage for huge blowout party. But since I can't, next week I'm running a 25% Off Everything Sale at Shabby Cottage Studio the store, and Free Give Aways here on the blog and I will be including a free gift with every purchase!

Here is a peek at the Blog giveaway. A mega huge collage pack filled with lots and lots of goodies. Next week I"ll give you a bigger peek at the inside. ;-) And I'm not giving away just one...uh uh...I'm giving away one for every day the sale runs! Which means come Monday Oct 6 I will pull 4 names and each one will receive one of these packs!

So make sure you come back next week to catch the details of the give away and the sale!
And now for our free TGIF image I leave you with this wonderful ad from the late 1890's for some very fashionable bonnets.

As always I wish everyone a marvelous, happy weekend!


Sherry said...

Happy anniversary to a lady who is anything but shabby!!! You are a remarkable spirit Gail and it shows through in your work and your business. I feel blessed that I came to find you; it has been a huge positive in my life. Thank you ♥

Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Happy Anniversary Gail! I feel the same pain you must of had a year ago trying to learn all this "technical" stuff! Comming from someone who has not been very computer savvy, I feel like by the time this is over I should be a computer programmer!

Anyhow,happy anniversary and many many more!


Ed said...

Happy Anniversary, congratulations and many thanks for the free image, I have taken a copy to tuck away for that delicious moment when I can use it to full advantage.

Anonymous said...

I wish you the best anniversary ever and want to thank you so kindly for doing my banner! I love it more everytime I look at my blog! Trying to find a way to make a link for a blog design credit, but alas...I am computer challenged! Hugs and much success to you! Gina


Happy Anniversary, Gail and best wishes to you! It is always so nice when I stop by. Always a treat.
Hugs, Teresa

Tammy said...

Happy Anniversary, Gail! Your work is gorgeous! Congratulations on your success.
I am also celebrating. Todays post marks my 100th Blog Post Giveaway. COme see me. ;D Tammy

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Gail.

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be on your design team. I feel very blessed to have met you through your online shop. Thank you again for your encouragement!
Hugs, Sharon

PS was the sale your big annoucement mention in your last post or is there something else you are going to share with us? lol

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Ah yes, Sharon my sweet, I do have something more to share you with you all. ;-)


Pat Winter said...

Happy Anniversary Gail! I love your offerings and you can see how I am about to use four of your altered images on my blog. Continued success.

Pearl said...

Hi Gail... How fortunate for me to have found your lovely blog this evening! I'd like to wish you a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and many more to follow... I've enjoyed looking at your blog, and hope you don't mind me adding you to my Favorites, as I'd love to return! Please come visit anytime... I enjoy the company! Enjoy the remainder of the weekend...


crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi gail
i wandered over from pat winters blog
happy anniversary! and many many more to come-love your images
enjoy your day

Nita Jo said...

Happy Anniversary! Your sale and giveaway sounds so exciting. Thanks for the image... love the hats!

Nita Jo

Brandy said...

Happy happy anniversary!

:) Brandy

catharinas-love said...

Happy Anniversary Gail , and I hope much more to come !
Love Rini - the Netherlands

Izabella~ said...

Halo my dear!! your blog, as always is pure inspiration to me & the music...oh my ..delicious!!

Happy Anniversary!

wow one year~ you are a natural at this, you have accomplished much, you should be proud of yourself ;)

keeping my fingers crossed to win some wonderful treasures from your world ;)


Lee W. said...

Congrats to you!! And **squealing** a great sale too!! yippee!

Vicki said...

The best to you on this anniversary!

A sale, a giveaway and some lovely bonnets to download. Does it get any better than this?

Love your blog xoxo