Friday, September 19, 2008

Fairy Swap Pictures and as always a TGIF

Sherry has posted a wonderful interview with the talented and lovely Pam Carriker over at Mind Wide Open. You should stroll over there and get to know Pam a little better. I know Pam and I say you'll be glad to know her too. And stop by ove rthere Monday when we present a fun tutorial by Pam as our Guest Artist!

As I mentioned in a previous post I was involved in a Fairy swap last month over at Esty Cottage Style. Let me tell you, if you love fairies you would have been grrrreeeen with envy ;-) at what was being swapped! Everything from cards to pillows, to hand created sculptures and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

My lovely partner was the fabulous Sherry Smyth of Esprit*d'Art and I have some photos (that do not do the items justice believe me.) She send a fairy figurine with the most magnificent wings ever. I'm still pondering about a name for my little fae. In addition I received a gorgeous card Sherry created and the saying on the front says,
Dreams are made of fragile things
Butterfly Breath and Dragonfly wings

And she sent me the little flower button she made. You can't see it but there is an adorable little baby fairy with a crown inside the circle.

I have all of these items sitting with me at my desk and now I can say I'm surrounded with Sherrylove. ;-)

In turn what I sent to Sherry was an altered book. I'm proud of this book because it's the first I've ever made from scratch. I cut the covers and bound it myself. I created the inside pages out of cardstock, some are painted, some are covered in paper. There are two little pull-out fairies in pockets and one little fairy is sitting in a nest with real moss.

I also sent Sherry some Fairy dust in this Fairy cone I digitally created on paper and then cut and put together.
So that was the swap and I think it's safe to say we all had a lot of fun!

And here is our TGIF free image of the week. This little guy knows he doesn't have to worry about getting through the winter months as long as he stays around here. We take care of our friends. ;-)

Here's wishing everyone a marvelous weekend! I had a trip planned to Raleigh to see my bff Liz and cancelled it in lieu of the gas situation so I'm a bit disappointed about that. But we've rescheduled for next month so I guess now I can say, I've got something to look forward too.


Sherry said...

Oh I can honestly say that this book is a treasure -- art from the heart for sure. Each page is amazing and the fact that you made it all from scratch was one of the things that touched me the most.

The interview with Pam was fun to do -- she's got a lovely spirit and a sense of humour to go with it.

Sorry that you and Liz have postponed but gas prices have been awful (they're down about 20 cents a litre here at the moment)...but just look what you can be thinking about for the next month!!!

Have a delicious weekend!

Bunty said...

Wow, what a fabulous book Gail - it's really gorgeous and so is the little fairy - sounds like a fun swap!

Best wishes


Nita Jo said...

What wonderful fairy things you received! And, the fairy book you did was sooo beautiful!

As always, thank you for the image!

Nita Jo

Tammy said...

Such sweet Sherry love. I adore the book you made. Well done. I love all of the elements that make it so special.
Tammy ;D

Stink Bone Jones said...

That swap was so much fun! For me, it was the best swap I have ever been in. My swap partner was incredible!

Your book is just gorgeous. So much work went into making that. How neat!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Your fairy book is just so fantastic! Wonderful pages!!!

BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

Gail -- imagine me *STANDING OVATION* clapping and singing (in tune) your praises :)

wonderful :)


Sandie R said...

Your fairy book is a real treat to look at and the Fairy figure you received is so adorable.

Emma from Enchanted Designs Fairy Shop said...

Wow, I wish I would have found your blog earlier. I would have loved to be involved in a fairy swap. What great fun!

Linda East said...

What a wonderful swap...your AB is outstanding and your cone holding the fairy dust is just precious...the little shelf fairy is so cute and I am sure you will treasure it forever...