Friday, September 12, 2008

A Little Contemplation and TGIF

Another week rolls on by carrying us away from summer and closer to fall. Sooner than we might wish the trick or treaters will be knocking, the Turkey dinner will be planned for the following month and then the flurry of buying presents and decorating the tree.

So I'm trying to have more of "be in the moment" time, enjoy these days of late summer or early fall, by whatever name you may call them. I sit here with windows open in my high ceiling-ed home and enjoy a soft breeze across my bare arm, soft and sweet like baby breath. It's so quiet here during the week. I can hear my several of my chimes playing their music on my front porch and I watch the branches sway on the little tree outside my computer room window. I also notice that I really need to get over to that side of the house and dead head that rose bush! :-) But while it was blooming so prettily I enjoyed the occasional glimpse of a resident hummingbird.

I'm also going to try..."try" being the operative take more Sundays for me and mine and some studio time. If I don't take the time, I can't make the time. With computer work always being needed done it's to easy to fall into a procrastinating pattern when it comes to creating in the studio. To easy to find an excuse. I know. I do it all the time. And yet, "intellectually" I know that if I just move my body in to the studio, and start with something, anything, just to get myself started, then eventually I will be suddenly find myself back in "create" mode and happily humming away.

I hope all of you have a marvelous weekend and that everything goes your way. In honor of the coming season I leave you with your free TGIF image. Hope you can use it and enjoy it.


Nita Jo said...

Oh my... you are so right about the holidays coming and going so fast! And, I could picture you enjoying the breeze and the chimes. It's been beautiful here. I love the sound of my chimes!

Thank you for the image. I think it will make pretty place cards for Thanksgiving!

Nita Jo

Sherry said...

Beautiful image Gail!! I started to "panic" reading this post -- OMG -- I need Halloween candy, OMG I need to start Christmas shopping!! LOL!!! Okay, so I didn't really "panic" -- but you're so right -- the time just flies much too quickly. Be in the moment. It works and it feels so good.

Have a splendid weekend my friend !! ♥

Sandie R said...

Time flies so fast, it's like yesterday summer was just starting and now it is just ending. Thanks for the lovely image, it looks just like the leaves here right now. I've left you something on my blog any questions you can e-mail