Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Collage Sheets & Papers ala the Cottage

I took time for me today. Stayed away from the computer as much as I could except for some essential emails. It felt good. I didn't really accomplish anything, but it was okay. I'm not sure why I think I must "accomplish" something everyday. I actually opened my sketchbook and played on some pages. And it's not that I necessarily like what I created but the fact that I DID create, that's what was important. And so to that end, I guess I did accomplish something today. ;-)

Don't forget tomorrow the entries for the Sept. Mind Wide Open Challenge Contest will be posted and ready for voting. Again we had a wonderful turnout and absolutely some amazing talent! so come on by, stroll through our "gallery" ;-) and then vote for your favorite. It's always a tough call!

These are what I got listed in the store last night. Now I need to get them listed over at Etsy.

New Paper Designs (we had a request for our web background in a paper and we were happy to comply! The first one you see here is titled Crumpled Shabby ;-)

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Amy Sutter said...

What amazing new art, I always know that I will get my creative fill when I visit here!

We are having a give-away on Aged Vintage Papier, please enter and spread the word!

Amy :-)