Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I know I don't always post on a Sunday but Friday slipped right by me without a thought. That has been happening more frequently because my DH no longer works on Fridays. This is fairly recent and I'm still not used to it yet. And now on Fridays lately I'm thinking it's Saturday.

I'm a little late but I wanted to wish our lovely Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving and all of you in the U.S. happy Columbus Day weekend! I know our bank is closed tomorrow but I forgot to check and see if the Post Office is also. If I told anyone I would ship their package on Monday and the P.O. IS closed, I apologize ahead of will be Tuesday. ;-)

I was wandering around the house and yard today with my camera and thought I would share some bits and pieces of what's happening around here on a quiet Sunday.

Wondering what this is? Well if you were around for an earlier post about my new computer being built this was the spot where the worktable was. I say was. :-) It's done, I have my clean room back again and I don't have to step around boxes, and computer parts, wires and boxes. And it only took...oh about 6 or 7 weeks. ;-) I love ya sweetie and appreciate all the work you did for me.

Because now it's all right here

And it's humming along like a champ! I'm a happy woman.

Now this is another story. Inventory that has to to be unboxed, a place found for the goods and then listed in the shop this week. Hopefully before long I'll be blogging about the new goodies coming to the Cottage!

Then there is this new addition to my dining room.

It's a monster isn't it?! And what in the heck is it doing in my dining room? It's the new cabinet for my wall oven that is going into my new kitchen! It's waiting for me to paint it Oh. My. Goodness. I've been waiting 7 years and if you could see my present kitchen ladies, you would weep for me. My DH built this and is doing the whole kitchen himself so more than likely this isn't leaving my dining room anytime soon, and the kitchen sink cabinet is on the back porch and the cabinet doors in the basement. We're spread all over the place. But I don't care, I won't complain....this is one step closer and I'll take it!! :-)

This is a WIP...which I don't usually post but hey, the camera was in my hand and I was wandering. ;-) I don't get much time in the studio these days so she is coming together slowly. A few minutes here and there I guess will eventually add up to done. This little cutie and the stand she is on are covered in beeswax for a nice soft aged patina.

The garden is waiting for one more turning of the soil before it's put to sleep until next spring.

The garden is to the right of the barn. This is an old tobacco barn and my DH turned the left side of it into his workshop. You and I share our workshops with each other, I thought I'd share his with you. I'm so jealous of all the space he has but he has bigger toys. ;-)

Come on in and see what's going on. He won't bite. I promise.

Actually I'm very proud of his workshop because he built it all himself...from a raised floor to putting in salvaged windows and doors, to building work tables to everything else.

The window above overlooks the opening of the barn you saw in the picture above this one. It overlooks the mowers, tractor, and other "stuff" for gardening and such.

Here you can actually see part of the tractor thru the door coming into his workshop.

He actually has two rooms, thru this door he does a lot of what he calls the "dirty work".

This is his WIP. A table for a customer.

The customer has painted a design on a circular piece of wood. Leon is building her a table for it to sit in...that's why you see the hole in the center here...that's where her painted piece will sit.

And here's the man himself hard at work.

So there you go. Sunday. :-) A quiet day at the cottage.

And here is the belated TGIF free image. Enjoy!

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Nita Jo said...

Gail, Thank you for sharing all those pictures. That barn is amazing... What a great work space. That WIP table is wonderful. Your Leon sounds like a true handyman! A Treasure!

I'm thrilled you have your computer all taken care of. We rely so much on them don't we!
And, if I haven't said so before, best of luck on your new venture. I hope to be able to participate one day.

Nita Jo