Thursday, October 2, 2008


I had said last week that I had a fun announcement to make this week. Well... I changed my mind. I'm going to wait until next week. I'm a woman, I have that prerogative. ;-) So with this in mind, yesterday, while the front part of my mind was working at some pretty tedious and boring business "stuff", the back end of my mind wandered... thinking about today's post. Since I changed my mind about my announcement, my thoughts were wandering the path of, okay I'll write a little teaser about my announcement and start the post with the question.....have you ever followed a dream?

But then, almost simultaneously as I was having these thoughts, Sherry sent me an email with a link to a blog post written by artist and writer Christine Mason Miller. I clicked on the link. I read the post. And I shivered. Not a bad, scary shiver, but the good, tingly, goosebump kind that raises the hair on the back of your neck and makes your eyes water. It was like Christine had gotten inside my head and then wrote her post.

Christine writes beautifully and truthfully about following dreams, and failure vs. success. She wrote more than I'm going to mention, but I wanted to mention at least a few of the "made me shivery" comments. And they are:

"Following a dream and making it real involves one thing above all else: hard work." and "It involves something else: a willingness to not just step but leap wildly far beyond your comfort zone."

"However you map out the journey of your dream, do it in pencil, because as you move forward that path is going to change."

"The most profound joy and beauty in following a dream does not exist in those big grand moments. - the real gifts await you in all the tiny details".

Well...I have been following my own dream. As it unfolds I try to let it lead me where I need to go. I made sure my dream pencil has an eraser. I am working hard. And I am taking joy in the tiny details.... finding unexpected gifts. After reading Christine's post I am more determined to continue to, not only follow my dream, but as Christine says - trust my dream.

So when I make my little announcement next week you'll know it is my dream that I'm following.

Go read Christine's post. Maybe you'll find some of your own shivers.


It's the beginning of Halloween month and the trick or treaters will be upon us before we can blink. Here's a little trick or treater for your free TGIF image this week.

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Sherry said...

Big smoochies to you sweetie. By the way, did you ever wish on a star?!? :)


I also believe that dreams are often realized through hard work. I really like the analogy of keeping track of mapping them out with a pencil. Sometimes your dreams end up being bigger than you would have imagined for yourself. I wish that for you. - Teresa

Nita Jo said...

I'm looking forward to your announcement. I love what you shared about dreams, even checked out Christine's blog. My dreams keep getting put on hold... but they are still there. I just have to work harder for the time and energy to make them happen!

Thanks for an inspiring post!
Nita Jo

Mary Beth said...

Hi Gail...thanks for sharing...dreams are so important....I worked at a job and was an investor in the company...I am a mother supporting a family of five...and I just could not do it anymore...the company I worked for was just awful and I could not morally be a part of it any I walked away from it almost 18 months ago...financially, it stinks but boy...was it liberating. I just started my blog and I hope to bring my dreams back to life (they are a little sleepy right now after being ignored for so long)....never let your dreams go...they are a gift. I can't wait to see what your "announcement" is :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ah, dreams.

Thanks for this post, Gail!

I think that part about trusting your dreams is the hardest thing to do for me. It's about courage and consistency--trusting that even though it gets hard (or easy), that your dream will guide you in the right direction.

Can't wait for your announcement!

Take care,


Tammy said...

Gail,I am excited for you. I believe everyone should follow their dreams. I for one have been cntemplating the very same thing. I have gone so far as to do the research and find the schooling and a way to pay for it but I am a tad bit scared to venture out with the economy the way it is right now. This will not deter me just postpone it for a bit longer. What the heck I am 41 now so it's not like I can't wait a little longer, right?. I am off to read Christines post. Thanks for sharing and I cannot wait to hear your announcement.
Cheers and hugs,

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thank you Tammy! I can understand the thought of postponing a bit because of the economy. Remember we can use the eraser on our dreams if we dream them in pencil. I'm 56 so yes holding off a little longer doesn't make a dream less potent.