Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Did It Again

Forgot to post the TGIF image. Again. On Friday. But I at least remembered today and not a couple days from now. :-)

We woke to signs of winter winging it's way to us here in the mountains. A cold day, sharp wind. Our nighttime temps are supposed to drop down into the upper 30's, and stay awhile, starting tonight. But tomorrow and through the next few days our daytime temps are supposed to get back up in the 60's. But for today we're at about 48 degrees and also overcast. Brrrr. We just bought a new electric blanket a couple weeks ago. I think today it needs to find it's way to the bed. I don't know about you but the only time I like to crawl into a cold bed is in the dead of summer. ;-)

I'm supposed to be working on a couple pages for our Charity book over at Etsy Cottage Style so I better scoot back into the studio and figure out what I 'm doing as the deadline for mailing is fast approaching.

But I wanted to get the TGIF free image up while I was thinking about it. These days I pretty much have to act on my thoughts when I have them or else they disappear again and I never know when they'll resurface. LOL

Enjoy and I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!!!


Jenny S said...

Fun picture! Thank you! Also I forgot to let you know I got my package!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING! My son has run away with the domino (sp?) but everything else...especially the glitter is safely tucked away! I will post about it later this week is that is okay?

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh goody! So glad you're happy with it and the glitter tucked away from little hands since it's glass. ;-) You post whenever darlin'.

Lynn said...

Hi Gail, I am doing the same thing today (Sunday) working on my pages for the Love and Hope book.
Thank you for the image, and for visiting my blog and your lovely comments on my trip, it really was a good one, and my package was here when I arrived home too from your shop, love everything!

Jenny S said...

Just to let you know! I posted about your giveaway that I got!!! Woo Hoo!!


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