Friday, November 7, 2008

Contemplating Goodness

My husband has Fridays off. I may have mentioned that before. Somewhere around the end of this month he will have every day off since he has been laid off from his job. We were expecting it but when it actually happens it is still a jolt to the system and even knowing it was coming, I hit the panic button. Most of my sentences in the first two days of the official notice seemed to start with "How will we....." and "what will we do about...". You can fill in the blank with any kind of worry you may imagine.

But then the panic mutes enough so that you can start thinking more clearly. We've been through this before and were even less prepared then. We kept the roof over our head, the food in the pantry and bills paid. Not that it wasn't a struggle. It was. But my point is that I have to remind myself that when bad things have happened in our life, we always got through to the other side, and we were not left on the streets in need of food and shelter and the evil bill collectors did not come and haul us off to debtor's prison. Okay so my worries get a bit creative...I'm an artist, what do you expect? ;-)

This time I tell myself that we are lucky. My husband took early retirement and so we are least in the position of living. Of course I have to now bow to something I thought would never happen to ME....and that's being a senior citizen living on social security benefits. I'm like, when did THAT happen? LOL Then of course the economy takes a serious nose dive just as I'm trying to figure how to grow my business so that maybe I can finally be the bread winner.

So with all that stewing around in my worrisome little head this morning I awoke to the smell of bread baking. My husband likes to experiment with baking bread and I am all for it...anything that involves food without me actually having to be in the kitchen is a winner for me! As I sat here at the computer doing my work I continued to smell this heavenly bread doing it's thing in the oven.

But a short while ago as I came up out of my computer fog I realized I no longer smelled the bread baking. AHA! My brain engaged and led me to the kitchen where sure enough two huge crusty loaves of still warm bread sat perched on the counter. I grabbed the butter and a knife and sat here in heaven after devouring two pieces. And I thought, now this is true goodness.

Then I walked outside where the sun is shining and the day hints at a lovely warmth to come later. I contemplated my excitement of a fun trip out of town next week to see my bff. I found myself being thankful that my husband and I both have good health, that I have a man who bakes and does laundry and puts up with my idiosyncrasies and has supported my art habit all these many years and actually still loves me.

I recalled how in the past there has never been a more true cliche in my life than the one that says, "when a door closes a window opens" and I remembered something I had forgotten....I've always managed to find that open window. These are the things that life is all about. Little things. So in my heart of hearts I realized that no matter what..... we'll be okay. So today I am contemplating goodness and being thankful for the goodness in my life. But I HAVE GOT to stay away from that bread! ;-)

I haven't had much time for a lot of art lately but I'm trying. These two pieces I'm sharing with you literally came together in blocks of 5 minutes here, fifteen minutes there. So I've worked on both of them since August! But finally I think I will call them done.

Both these pieces are done 12x12 canvas with lots of layers and texture going on in the backgrounds that the camera may not have caught very well.
I wanted to play with beeswax when I started these the end of this summer.

I call this one Night in Paris. At first it had been my intention to use beeswax over the background but I liked the color as it turned out and knew that beeswax would change it so I decided to be satisfied with just the bodice finished in beeswax.

This one is self titled Trust Your Dream. Again I wanted to do the whole thing in beeswax as a finish but once more loved the color happening in the background and didn't want it to change. So the little girl and the box she is standing on & the ticket are the only elements with beeswax on them. Hard to tell in a photo but the heart and the star have been flocked.

I leave you with this TGIF free image and I hope you can use it and enjoy it. Personally I think this little sprite is contemplating the goodness of the pumpkin pie


sherry smyth said...

Home baked bread?!? Oh he is a dream of a man...yummy...but dangerous!! lol!!

We are surrounded by goodness and as always you see the light during the storm Gail ♥

I love the work you've been doing...and the one about the dream, could that be "you" in that collage?!

Thanks for the freebie..she's gorgeous!!

Nita Jo said...

I am one of the lucky ones too... my husband just prepared lasagna for dinner! Yay! I'll bet your bread was delicious.

Love your new art piece, and the TGIF image is perfect! Thanks.

Your post was so uplifting! So many friends are out of work right now. I hope they can each hold on to hope as you have!

Nita Jo

Charmingdesigns said...

My husband is's an adjustment...but I do look through that open window. Thanks for sharing, your work is so nice! Laurie


Wishing you open windows and birdies singing sweetly.


Susan said...

My prayers are with you as you embark on this new transition in your lives. Your canvases are lovely, especially the second one. What a sweet face! Thanks for the image.

Robin in Las Vegas said...

Your art is just breathtaking. I saved a sample of your work in my "Art I Love" folder that I pull out when I need inspiration and to realize that I have a goal of making art like this someday. Thanks for the beautiful sample. You should have shared a sample of some of that bread though too! Ha-ha :)

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I wish I could have shared the bread with all of you! ;-)

Sam I Am said...

LOVE,love, love, love, love, loveeeeeeeeee LOVE the Paris canvas!!!!

Lynn said...

I love home baked bread too Gail and my husband likes to dabble in it also, he actually does all the cooking here, I am so blessed. We find these simple little things and are grateful for them, that I think comes with age and wisdom and what we have been through in life and learned from.
I am sure with your attitude you will do just fine, and if hubby is home, maybe you will have more time to work :)