Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Divine Time

Well I must say I had THE most divine and glorious long weekend in Raleigh. Thanks for all of those who left me a wish to have fun because all those wishes came true. ;-) Even the fact that most of the weekend was rainy and windy didn't dampen our fun and enthusiasm.

Liz and I attended two mini workshops at the Jerry's Artarama Art in the Carolina's 2008. We started shortly before 9AM Friday morning being greeted warmly by the nicest young man who was Jerry's manager. Then we met Patti Brady who was our teacher. Patti is the Art Director of working artists at Golden. We shared several hours learning about their new Digital Grounds products. And we all agreed, even Patti, that the product name is a misnomer. The mediums really have nothing to do with anything digital except for the fact that they allow you to be able to print on any surface you can fit in your ink jet printer.

For instance...if you are familiar with Tar Gel, it is a medium of honey like consistency. If you apply Tar Gel to a sheet protector and let it dry, then coat it with Digital Ground for non-porous surfaces, and let that can actually peel it off the sheet protector and PRINT ON IT!!!!!
Okay guys can you imagine how the fireworks in my brain went off as I began imagining all sorts of things I could do with these mediums?! I'm tellin' ya....fireworks!
This was actually the only class held at the Jerry's store. The rest of the classes and the trade show was held five minutes down the road at the Hilton. Jerry's had a limousine to take attendees back and forth between the hotel and the store. Cool huh?

Part of the Golden booth at the trade show

We stopped by the Guild table
and of course, because I wanted to take some close ups of the beautiful work by the Guild members, my camera batteries died.

Cheryl Darrow of Ten Seconds Studio demonstrating her gorgeous metal embossing at the trade show. We took a class from Cheryl that evening.

My Liz sanding her embossed metal...she's concentrating here, let's not disturb her!

Cheryl discussing using Ranger Alcohol Inks on the embossed metal. Way cool!

I'm new to Alcohol Inks and now know why so many of you love them! I fell in love with them too and you will soon see them in the store.

I got to meet a fellow blogger while in Raleigh! Jenny S of The Red Bulletin Board who won one of my giveaways in Oct!. She works at her mom's antique store Suzanna's Antiques in Raleigh, and if you are in the area, make sure to stop because you can spend some fun time shopping here, as we certainly did! Jenny is absolutely delightful and it was so much fun to actually meet someone who you've only "talked" to online! See all the exclamation marks? That's how excited I was.
Jenny on the left and a very wet and windblown me on the right. ;-)

Liz and I finished the weekend with some art time in her beautiful studio. You can tell we were having a good time by the mess. :-) And see the collaged papers there? I was working on a background and liked the finished piece so much it has become a new Decorative Paper in the store.

It is called (what else?) Collaged

It started snowing here about midnight last night. Here are some images from my computer room outside my windows. It is still snowing and we can no longer see the road. Looks like a good day to stay inside don'tchathink?

And here is your free TGIF image. Now SHE has the right idea of how to spend a snowy day!

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, no matter what your weather!


TiffanyJane said...

Hi GAil!! **Waving** at ya over from Texas :) Thanks for stopping in for a visit, it was good to "see" you~
Oh my goodness, LOVE your snow pics!!!!!!! As long as all my family is home and safe, I love to see it thickly covered and falling, ahhhhhhh it's really a glorious site!
Hope you and your family have a Wonderful thanksgiving :)

sherry smyth said...

Well hooray, you actually put yourself in a photo!!!! Gasp, shock...THUD...oh yeah, that's me fainting on the floor!!! lol!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah...sassy peach!!! :)

The photos are great..and the new paper is splashtacular!!!

Star warm southern peach!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Quick call 911 for Sherry!!! LOL

Yeah, I got brave....and enjoy it, as you won't see to many of those kind of pictures. ;-)hugs

Jenny S said...

It was SOOO much fun meeting you!! I am going to borrow your photo for my blog too!! YEAH!!! Have fun in the snow. We had a dusting on Tuesday..none even hit the ground but then this morning ti really was coming down until the sun came out!!

Mercedes said...

Wow, Gail, those pics tell how fun it had to be. Thanks for the freebie as always and have a wonderful weekend.
From Spain

Her Art Nest said...

Love the new "freebie!" We haven't seen much snow in southeastern Michigan yet, but I hear it's starting up north. Thanks for sharing your fun weekend with all of us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Anita Van Hal said...

Oh, Gail! It sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time! Wish I could have joined you! The Golden products sound fab...will definitely have to add them to my wish list of other Golden products!

Nita Jo said...

Gail, I'm glad your away time was so wonderful. Love seeing all the pics... especially the one of you, and you look so happy! It tried to snow here today, but turned to rain. The image is perfect for this kind of weather... just what we all want to be doing.

Glad you're back, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Nita Jo


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Hey Gail!

I finally got to see who I e-mail all the time. It is so good to have a real face in my head now, when I talk to you. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!