Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Looking for a Photoshop Digital Workshop?

Happy Tuesday! I hope wherever you are is warmer than where I am! :-) I'm excited to announce that I have just added a new workshop over at Creative Workshops! This workshop is actually going to be taught by moi. I'm calling it.........

If you're using your Photoshop or Photoshop Elements program just to crop and resize pictures then this workshop is for you! Not only will you learn how to create and apply your own custom brushes (aka digital stamps) but what you learn in this workshop should then enable you to apply more creativity to your own images. This workshop is video and will allow you to actually see me working the desktop area and explaining everything as I work.

This will be a 3 week workshop with a new video posted once a week. In our last session we will actually make a grungy background and then learn to make a tag and apply what we've learned in the workshop to the tag.

I keep my explanations easy to understand and will be available for questions and I approach teaching from that of a working artist who can sometimes be computer challenged, rather than a techie expert. ;-)

So, if you are like I used to be, and spend more time complaining about lack of Photoshop/Elements knowledge, than time spent using it...then this workshop is a great way to start putting this powerful editing program to work for you and your art!

Workshop begins January 6, 2009.


Susan said...

This looks interesting. I may have to sign up for this! Happy Thanksgiving.

Pat Winter said...

Finally! A workshop I have been dreaming of. I want to learn to make my own stamps and do more than crop and resize in photoshop. My only concern is that I do not know the language.I really know nothing but cropping and resizing which my son taught me. Do you think this is for me?

Gina2424 said...

Sounds like something I need- and you know that for a fact! But, I've barely been home the past few months. Just got home in time for Thanksgiving after 1,000+ miles in 6 days. Hope all is well with you!

Bunty said...

Gail, this sounds just what I need! I need more of these! I have Photoshop Elements 5 - will your workshop cover things I can use in this version of Photoshop please?

Can you give me an idea of how intensive the 3 week course is please as I have other commitments and wouldn't want to take on more than I can manage.

Thanks so much. It sounds great!

Best wishes

Barbara (UK)

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Hi Barbara,
I will actually be using PSE 5 in the video so we're in synch there. But I have done it so that anyone with PS or PSE can learn how from this workshop no matter what version they use.

Once a week I will post a video and leave the videos up for quite a while when the initial 3 weeks is up so you can watch at your leisure. I'm not an "intensive" kind of teacher ;-) so I've made it as easy as possible for everyone and then it will just be a matter of a little practice.

Hope this helps and hope I see you in the workshop!

Bunty said...

Thanks Gail - that's great. I'm off to sign up!