Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, It's time to think about Christmas

Let's face it. We have to start thinking about Christmas early in order to get our projects done in time. I just added a new Decorative Papers sub-category in the store called Christmas Papers...original huh? :-)

I think there are a lot of good paper designs in the store that lend themselves well to Christmas projects if you''re looking for something slightly un-traditional maybe in color or design. But the Christmas Papers category has definite Christmas related designs. If you're like me and prefer something in the holiday vein but a little less traditional in color you will find those papers in this category.

As usual, the designs will grow as I have time to create the papers. I added the latest collection of today. I call the design Celebrate Damask and there are 4 slightly different colorways available as you see below and I think they are quite elegant looking.

I have also added two new Collage Sheet Designs:

Retro Christmas

I have things to get caught up with in the photo department so I can share with you. I'm not sure why but for about two months now I seem to conveniently find something else to do whenever I start thinking about picking up the camera and taking pictures. Sound like avoidance to you? It does to me! ;-) But I'm sure it will pass. A vacation might be in order and I do have a short spell out of town coming up next week that I'm SO looking forward to. A real "only fun allowed" type of get away. More on that later and I will get some project pictures up ASAP. I promise, except, gee I think I really have a lot to do this week........ ;-)


SweetAnnee said...

Girl friend running over to get some GOODS

sherry smyth said...

That celebrate paper is amazing Gail!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thanks Sherry my luv. ;-) And Deena you MUST be feeling good today because you ran mighty FAST girl!