Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas is Early!

Don't worry, it's only early at the Cottage! You saw in my last post the boxes that were on my porch? Well this week I will be loading all that up in the store. That means, pictures must be taken, pictures re-sized, pictures uploaded, descriptions written, prices figured out, links created. See why I'm not fast with this stuff? LOL But I do have more new collage sheets and decorative papers I managed to get listed today. So stay tuned and you'll see some fun new "toys" arriving down the chimney in Santa's bag this week! ;-)

And don't forget...the entries are up over at Mind Wide Open, so stop by, enjoy some wonderful art and cast a vote!

We have some new decorative papers: Florentine Scrolls, Florentine Scrolls 2, Crumpled Cranberry (yummy) and Crumpled Cream

Another set of Double Sided tags called Sweetly Pink

And a few more collage sheets in the popular Altered series category: Altered Ladies 7, Altered Children 8 and Altered 1x3 Backgrounds.

You can find all of these in What's New category in the store. And new goodies will be arriving all week. Some items I found in those boxes were Velvet Leaves and Velvet Blossoms (scrumptious) among some other pretties! And on the supply side of things we have new Glimmer Mist colors in and out of stock colors back in stock and we're now going to be carrying Ranger Alcohol Inks. Plus! I have some fun paper mache items to alter! So stay's all coming!


sherry smyth said...

I can't see a darn thing with these eyes (!) but I'm drooling as I wait to see everything loaded and ready to go!!! (I can actually see the new goodies (!) and they are really lovely!)

Myrna said...

Hi Gail!
Just wanted to thank you for the goodies I won from Mind Wide Open. You've got great 'stuff' in your shop--it was hard to choose from!
I will be back to shop--I love your images and doo-dads to create with!