Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Studio Time- Old Techniques and New

Oh my, but it has been a long time since I attempted a painting and here in the space of about a week and a half I actually started and finished two! They are totally different from anything I've painted in the past. I'm rusty I admit, but for someone who gave up painting a few years back after suffering some serious painting burnout (some of you have read about that) I will say that I'm okay with what I did. I've embraced my mistakes! :-)

Both paintings were an exploration. An exploration of a new medium, Caran' D'Arche watercolor crayons, recommended to me by my sweet and lovely friend Pam Carricker (I love them Pam!). And an exploration of my feelings for painting again. So both paintings have a bit of the personal in their messages which is also something new for me when it comes to painting.

I enjoyed playing withthe backgrounds and incorporated some techniques I've used in the past with some new techniques I've learned since embarking into the world of mixed media.

My first attempt I titled "Voice", as in trying to find one.

My second painting I titled "Embrace the Process" and mixed in some stencilling,collage and stamping which I really enjoyed.

I've also been exploring a truly new medium, polymer clay, and I have found I like it and can see uses for incorporating into my artwork. I love boxes and I discovered that clay mosaics and box lids are a perfect marriage. So here are some of my most recent boxes and a tin bird house where I covered the roof in embossed clay.

This particular clay mosaic piece I did an image transfer on the clay before I baked it. Way cool!

On this little box lid I used beads in place of grout for my clay tiles.

I hope you've enjoyed my humble offerings.


PCarriker said...

Oh Gail, you did it!!!!! I am so giving you the biggest hug right now () That's my feeble attempt at a cyber hug:-) They are so beautiful and I love the added 'so Gail' collage elements on the second one. Aren't the crayons wonderful? There will be no holding you back now!

lorhen82 said...

I also love the collage elements on the second one, and what a great idea using polymer clay on boxes! I just adore that oval one!!!


sherry smyth said...

An always an artist. No matter the medium. I'm smiling as I look at your paintings and thinking...I'm so glad she decided to get back to painting!!! I love those crayons...they're amazing though I've only used mine once!! :)

And your polymer clay work?!? I'm speechless!! Yes, me...speechless!!!!! ♥

Liz said...

Beautiful paintings! I especially love the unintentional self portrait of the "Embrace the Process" piece. I'm pleased to see that you are adding your considerable painting talent to your art.

Myrna said...

"Humble Offerings"? I think NOT!--they are FABULOUS! You're multi-talented in multi media!! Thanks for sharing!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh go on with yourself girl. ;-)

Thanks all of you for your sweet and kind comments, you made me smile.

Cathy Wegner said...

I love everything you did. You created more than I do in a year. Just beautiful!

Anita Van Hal said...

what wonderful projects! Hope you enjoy a little time off during the holidays! I am anxiously waiting for Pam's class to begin! I so cannot wait to learn to paint, and it's my goal to begin an art journal...something I've never done before!