Thursday, January 8, 2009

Are you cocooning? Bad weather/cold weather keeping you inside? Want to start the new year off fresh? Learn new techniques? Well over at Creative Workshops we have just the idea way to do this! Take a workshop, learn some new skills or new techniques to carry over into your own personal style of art!

Creating Custom Digital Brushes/Stamps 101 ~ Gail Schmidt

My Photoshop/Photoshop Elements workshop started Tuesday but this class is set up to be open ended and anyone can join at anytime as long as it remains open, and not miss a thing. Start at the beginning and follow along with the videos, have the ability to ask questions and get answers. Just like sitting in a classroom with the actual teacher. The only difference is we're virtual and you can work at your own pace within your own schedule and even in your jammies and slippers if you like!

Over at the digital workshop I've heard from a number of the ladies already and they tell me they are having fun, learning, and that with the correct instruction Photoshop or Elements is easier than they thought. So come on over and join might be surprised at what you can learn to do with this powerful graphic software and how you can incorporate it into your artwork. But be careful...I'm here to attest to how addicting it can become once you start to learn your way around Photoshop! ;-)


Visual Journalism 101 Workshop - Pam Carriker

Next Monday Jan 12, 2009, Pam Carriker's workshop Visual Journalism 101 Workshop begins and even if you don't particularly want to create an art journal, I had a tiny sneak peek at what Pam is going to offer and just what you will learn in techniques alone is worth the cost of the workshop! Pam is mixing it up with images, written information and video...this is a great opportunity to learn from a very talented wonderful artist.

So come on over and find some time to while away the winter blahs.


Coastal Sisters said...

Gail...I wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job on your class. You have made it very easy to understand and I love that I can pause it and make sure I have done each step correctly. I can't wait for the next class!


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for Pam's workshop, I am thrilled to learn from such an amazing artist! Have a wonderful Tennessee Weekend Gail :)