Thursday, January 29, 2009

My thanks to Nancy Lefko over at My Collage Art for this award! Now I have to list for you 5 things that I'm into right now. Hmmm. That's a good one. Well let's see what I can dig up:

1. creating another digital workshop
2. keeping warm
3. won't last long, but I got a new vacuum that actually works after years of a really crappy vac!
4. homemade ciabatta bread my DH keeps experimenting with making
5. my new studio
Oh Lord. I even bore myself. ;-) Thanks again Nancy, I hope you don't regret giving this award to me!


lorhen82 said...

Gail, sweetie...there's nothing boring about that!


sherry lee said...

Nice award!! Glad you are still loving "super vac" -- and Mr. Shabby makes ciabatta bread?!?!? didn't call me?!? Oh yummmmmm!!!

Charmingdesigns said...

Thank goodness. Today I was able to see your fun fun...I need to have a redo in my workspace...Thanks for sharing that with us. I am loving Pams workshop!! Laurie

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Yay Laurie, glad the vid finally worked for you and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Pam's class!

Garden Painter Art said...


I can relate to the vacuum issue. We've had the worst luck with vacuums and I am hoping to get a new one soon. But....I'll hate using it!

Your blog is so lovely!

Garden Painter Art

tam said...

Hi Gail! Congrats onyour award! Fun to read your 5 things too!~Smiles~Tam!


We are both trying to keep warm it seems.

Does your new vacuum make house calls :) LOL