Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Studio Makeover WIP

Finally, my card reader has been found and hooked back up. So here are some promised pictures of the work being done on my new studio.

I just love to see this man up on a ladder. Makes my heart go pitty pat. ;-) Mr. Shabby has to get all the high places for me as my tendinitis won't let me put my arm in that position. Oh dear, such a shame.

I thought this was a good picture so you could see the color. I'm crazy about this color. I used it in my bedroom and it is also going in my new kitchen...eventually. See the ugly, ugly trim around the closet door. Same around all the doors and windows and I have hated it all these years. Everything is going to clean looking white when it comes to trim! See the nice light I get in this room even with the lights off. :-)

Okay...in an old house you have drafty walls. We can't afford siding yet. And the south side of the house gets all the wind. So we had to come up with something to deal with the problem and this is our solution. Pretty isn't it? LOL No, that's not the finished part. This is some thin skim board that goes up on the wall first. Then we had to deal with the seam issues.
What's this? Come on don't you recognize crumpled tissue paper when you see it?
Yep! I did a tissue treatment on this one wall. Gives it nice texture and covers the seams very well.

Unfortunately you won't be able to see it because I didn't glaze it. A nice brown glaze would bring out all the texture but I wanted to keep everything as light as possible so I opted not to glaze and leave the texture subtle. But this is the same wall. Notice the beautiful white trim? :-)

Okay, I admit, seeing Mr. Shabby on his knees ain't to bad either. ;-) Especially when he's installing my new commercial grade carpet. Look at that beautiful light! I bet in it's 80+ years that room has never seen so much light!

I am still at this stage and waiting on my work counters (being built as I type) for the other side of the room under the windows. So I decided to play with furniture arrangement, and moved some of my shabby furniture back in on the other side of the room and although this is different than my original plan, I like it better. It feels like a little room within a room. Since I don't sew much but like to have access if the mood strikes me, the sewing machine will go back on the desk in the corner out of the way but easily accessible. I definitely have to find a new, pretty chair for that desk instead of the ugly folding chair I've been using.

So, that's it so far. I'll have some more pictures hopefully later in the week. I found some vintage valances I had stashed away that go perfectly at the windows and have wonderful faded shabby colors! I ordered cream roman shades for light control (certain time of the day it's actually to bright to work) and privacy at night and I'm a happy woman.
Okay, I have to go back to work!


Cassie said...

I'm loving that color!!!! It looks fantastic so far!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Ooo, me too Cassie, me too!

debi @ life in my studio said...

OMGosh!!! I LOVE your walls! And that color is dreamy! Can't wait to see more pics.
Enjoy, you lucky woman!

Jemjoop said...

That is a beautiful color, you're right. Love your shabby cottage furniture. Going to be a pretty room!

gulle hexan said...

i like it.. its Lovely..:)
lucky you:D

and thanx for you blogspot,,

Susan said...

Your room is looking great! Beautiful paint color and what a neat idea to texture the walls with tissue paper. The light is fantastic...enjoy.

sherry smyth said...

Oh this looks wonderful Gail!!! I love that colour too and it's perfect with the white for bringing in the light!

I'm laughing here (yes, it's the grand marnier!!) -- does Mr. Shabby know that he's "all over the internet" and all these women are ogling him?!? ♥

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Well darlin' I admit he may not know he's all over the internet but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind any of that ogling. ;-)

Rosanna said...

Hi Gail!
I love the wallcolor...it's the same as mine!! My house except for the kids rooms is done in this color with heavy white trim. It is very soothing and clean looking and lends itself to so many different styles.

Have fun!

Jenny S said...

I am so jealous!! I want my own room and not just a corner of the living room!!! Waaaaaaaa!!!!

Anita Van Hal said...

Love your new room, Gail! The barely blue walls and all that white are beautiful! You're going to love all that light! Yes, you really must get a new chair-I can't believe you can take sitting on a metal folding chair...my back would be killing me! We live in an old house as well...a little over 100 years old, but I love it!

Coastal Sisters said...

Gail...your new studio is amazing. I am so in love with that beautiful blue color! True Fabulosity!

It sounds like Mr. Shabby is going to have a fan club!


Debra said...

I love the beadboard and the robins egg blue color. I love seeing what artist do with their studios. One day it may be me.

Pat Winter said...

Oh gosh I love it so far. I can't wait to start picking out paint. I am thinking robins egg blue with a tad more green....Love your color,so cool and clean!

SweetAnnee said...

I love it
so light and airy

Can't wait to see more..
Now.. Mr Shabby deserves
a reward for being so great

Wish I had him here to paint