Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meet Faith and the Hunter of Dreams

I have been taking a class with the wonderfully and creatively talented Joanna Pierotti the creator and owner of Mosshill Studio. I have been a fan of Joanna's work ever since I saw her first doll on Ebay a number of years ago. And now she is offering up her knowledge for all to share in her excellent workshops. I couldn't get over there fast enough to sign up. So go check it out and maybe you too will be inspired to create your own doll. I call this one Faith. It was so much fun and so relaxing for me in the short time increments I could get into the studio to work on her that I know without a doubt I'll be creating more!

And this is a new collage I need to get listed in my Etsy store, The Papier Cottage. That poor store is woefully ignored, and with fingers crossed, my goal this year is to get it stocked up with more art work. I call this one Hunter of Dreams. I am absolutely in love with this image so don't be surprised if you see her again, even, possibly, maybe ;-) in a collage sheet.

My mom told me I hadn't posted anything on my blog for a week or so and it was getting boring. Is this better mom? :-) Love you!

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Pretties at the Cottage

Ivory and Sepia velvet blossoms have a wonderful vintage look.

Glass bottles are perfect for our Glass Glitter while a place card holder is a great way to display your favorite ATC! These are limited so once they're gone I can't promise if I can get them again. The price is a steal!

I just added a new collage sheet to the Altered Series and created my new favorite-ist ;-) paper.

(click on pictures)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Does this Bother You?

I normally don't use my blog to vent. And I don't think that I'm venting so much as commenting. Usually if you vent you're mad about something. And right now I'm not mad, I'm just confused.

I'm confused at to what is happening to manners, courtesy, and customer service when it comes to operating an online business. It seems to me that today there are a lot of businesses that operate online who seem to think they don't need customers. Who seem to think if they offend a customer here and there, or don't answer a customer email, well hey, it doesn't matter because there are so many other customers available to them. Excuse me?

I grew up with parents who operated two different businesses in their working life. I myself am now on my second business. And before I opened either of my businesses I spent 20 years in customer service related jobs. I was taught the customer is always right. Even when they aren't! BECAUSE...hello you online businesses who don't seem to give a fig about customer service? Where are you without customers? And people may forget who you are if you give them good service. But believe me they wont' forget you if you give bad service.

I am appalled at the businesses who do not answer a simple customer email or if they do answer seem to have a markedly lack of concern. And how do I know this? Because I am that customer. Just because I run my own business does not mean I am not a customer at other businesses. And also because I receive emails from customers who say, thank you for being someone who answered my email, my question, my request. When someone is surprised to receive something I feel should be normal standard operating procedures for a business, then there is something not right.

As much as I love a lot of aspects of our technology, there is a lot that saddens me about it because I think it causes us to lose in other ways. Like manners, common courtesy and decent customer service.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Creativity Abounds

Have you been over to Creative Workshops lately? Class participants are creating all over the place and having a blast! We've been busy behind the scenes and in front! I'm thrilled that people are finding us over at Creative Workshops and that we seem to be filling a need for more online classes. Going the online route keeps things affordable and can be made to fit into our busy schedules from the comfort of home.

We've got three workshops coming up for February and March.


The first is my workshop for those of you who have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and want to learn the magical world of creating a collage digitally. We will be learning how to create 3 different digital collages. I believe that doing is learning and in this workshop I will have you create 3 different collages, starting simple with each one a bit more advanced than the last. Skills you learn from creating these will prepare you to create your own beautiful digital art.

Starts Feb. 24.



Just as artists benefit from a support system, every work of art needs a supportive background. This five-session class will guide you through the process of creating a background rich in pattern, color and design.

Starts March 9

SHADES OF GRAY Workshop - Pam Carriker

A 3 week journey into the timeless art of Moleskine Journaling. We will use 'Shades of Grey' Pitt Pens, Caran d'ache watersoluble crayon, and black & white images to create pages worthy of a Moleskine's handcrafted covers.

Starts March 23


As you can see, we've lined up some fun creative workshops for you! Come on over to Creative Workshops and check out our Main page where you can read all the information on workshops and how this whole "online thing" works. :-)