Thursday, April 30, 2009

Old Age ~ Free Give Away and Sale

So some days we feel much older than we actually are right? Today was one of those days. I bent over to place something on the floor in my studio and was unable to straighten up, walk, move...anything. I was alone in the house as Mr Shabby was out in the barn and the pager seemed a very long distance. So taking very shallow breaths I finally manged to get a bit upright and shuffle slowly.... much as a very ancient crone.... to the medicine cabinet where I knew I had some Ibuprofen. To make a long story short, I'm slowly mending but my whole left side screams "Mercy Mama!" if I try to do anything that requires fast moving, stretching or reaching. That birthday I have coming next week must be trying to tell me something. And please dear Lord don't let me sneeze! ;-)

So...yes I have a birthday next Tuesday and Mr Shabby leaves for a week long trip Monday and I want you guys to help me celebrate. :-) I decided to have a FREE GIVE AWAY and a STORE SALE! We can celebrate Cinqo De Mayo and my birthday all at the same time. I'll certainly be delighted to raise a couple margarita's with ya!

So I'm giving away a FREE CLASS!!! PLUS beginning Midnight May 4th through Midnight May 5th, I'm having a BIRTHDAY BASH SALE and any order at Shabby Cottage Studio will receive a 25% discount when they check out!

Everyone who leaves a comment on this post (and this post only) will be eligible for a drawing to receive a free registration to attend my Digital Grounds online workshop over at Creative Workshops that begins May 11, 2009! I will choose a winner randomly on Wednesday May 6 2009. Check out the description of the Digital Grounds Workshop.

It's hard to explain (which is why I'm giving the workshop!) but Digital Grounds really has nothing to do with knowing how to do things digitally! They are a product we can use to allow our ink jet printer to print on just about anything you can put through a printer (And some things you might not think to put through a printer LOL)

Samples of skins made and printed on with Digital Grounds. The ledger paper underneath is just so you can see the transparency of these skins.


I've also been "cleaning house" over at my Etsy stores. I finally realized that having two stores, with everything else I'm involved in is just sheer lunacy on my part. So I have closed The Papier Cottage at Etsy.

And moved all my artwork back to Shabby Cottage Studio Etsy with the supplies and now have a new banner over there. I divided the store into sections so you don't have to scroll through the pages if you are on the hunt for anything particular.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Warm Weather Busy-ness & New Products

Finally, finally! Sunshine, dry, warm temperatures, gentle breezes. It feels like we've been waiting an extra long time this year up here in the mountains. Of course all the plants and the grass haves loved all the rain we had even if we were tired of it.

It's been a busy weekend here at the Cottage as we got outside and began some projects. Like our little shed that has needed a paint job since we moved in. Well DH finally scraped, sanded and got it ready and I picked out this very light creamy pale yellow to cheer it up. I have a window planned on this side (there is already one on the other side) and the back and then want to create a potting shed inside. Those are Raspberry plants on the left along the bottom of the shed that are waiting for the painting to be finished so a trellis can be built for them. That plant that looks like little tree in front on the left is a weeping rose tree I planted last year. Pink roses of course! :-)

A busy man my DH this weekend. In between the paint job he also got the vegetable garden tilled. Our strawberry bed is chock full of blossoms and already we're beginning to see little fingernail size strawberries. So there's some sweet eating coming up soon! Hubby is off on a week long fishing trip next week. I told him we'd be eating strawberries and thinking of him. ;-)
The little Dogwood outside my studio windows has done especially well this year. (sorry the picture was taken through the screen) Besides weeding and mulching old flowers beds and working on new flowers beds I've also been planting hydrangea, impatiens, lavender, peonies, asparagus fern, dianthus and geraniums. In between all that work I managed to sneak in a couple minutes on the porch swing and some deep breathing over the lilac bush.

Today I put new Maya Road products in the store and you can find more than the sampling of pictures I've added here on the blog over at the What's New section of the store.

Sheer Black and White Journaling Tags
Felt Beaded Blssoms
Clear Stamps

Jewel Blossoms


Scalloped Layers Chipbook

Trinket Pins
Leaf Trinket Pins
Velvet Blossoms

Chipboard Borders Sheet

I hope everyone else had a marvelous weekend too!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Few Things Done

This has been the gloomiest, rainiest spring I can remember in a long time. It seems we're lucky if we get one day of sun a week. I have hydrangeas and lavender it's been to rainy to plant but the rest of the week is supposed to be sunny and warmer so maybe I can get back out there yet.

I managed to get some new creations made since I couldn't get out in the garden like I need to be. I'm addicted to altering these bottles. Here is my latest and it can be found at The Papier Cottage my etsy store. The others can be found at Shabby Cottage Studio.

Altered Paris Bird Bottle

Pretty Pretty! New Collage Sheets and Decorative Paper! Altered Children and Pets, Oui Oui Marie, Whimsy Wings & Watercolor Blue

Monday, April 13, 2009

Forget Me Nots and Vintage Numbers

I can't help myself I LOVE flowers! So I've brought in a new batch of those vintage millinery looking Forget Me Nots in new colors.

And check out my lovely find of Vintage Metal Numbers! I discovered them in a dusty old printing press drawer. So many uses for these numbers but dont' miss out because once they're gone I can't get anymore

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How Can We Help?

Life is such a struggle at times and we've all heard the saying "when bad things happen to good people". When we see it happening to those we know it is so frustrating to only be able to offer prayer and words of comfort. When what we really want to do is be in a position to smite the devil, to pay the bills, to make people listen and help those in need. Yet most of us are not in that position.

My friend Joanna whom a lot of you know as Mosshill Studio is in such a struggle right now. Her sweet hubby Ron has had his brain tumor return after ten years and they have no health insurance and it is difficult for them to get help where they are located. Joanna will not take donations of money and someone on her blog suggested that if there is any one out there that would take a class from Joanna, or offer a class from Joanna as a gift to an arty friend then in a small way we could help. I have signed up for 4 of Joanna's classes and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed and will have a lot of fun learning to create beauty.

I hope we can help. I continue to offer up prayers.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lot's of new and fun products are in the store!

Oh my gosh! There are so many new and restocked items I can't list them all here! I'll just give you a sampling and then you can click on What's New to find the rest of the treasures. :-)

There are a couple new Collage Sheets and a new Decorative Paper design. We love Crafty Secrets lovely products and think you will too! We're adding and restocking Tim Holtz and the Ranger Memory Frames and Glass. Check out the new Inchie sizes of frames and glass. We loved the intereactive sliding doors by Piggy Tales and Bare Elements house shaped Triptych too!

Velvet Forget Me Nots are back in stock as well as Velvet Leaves. And brand new Paper Roses. Below is only a small sample of our two dozen varieties of flowers available right now.