Thursday, April 9, 2009

How Can We Help?

Life is such a struggle at times and we've all heard the saying "when bad things happen to good people". When we see it happening to those we know it is so frustrating to only be able to offer prayer and words of comfort. When what we really want to do is be in a position to smite the devil, to pay the bills, to make people listen and help those in need. Yet most of us are not in that position.

My friend Joanna whom a lot of you know as Mosshill Studio is in such a struggle right now. Her sweet hubby Ron has had his brain tumor return after ten years and they have no health insurance and it is difficult for them to get help where they are located. Joanna will not take donations of money and someone on her blog suggested that if there is any one out there that would take a class from Joanna, or offer a class from Joanna as a gift to an arty friend then in a small way we could help. I have signed up for 4 of Joanna's classes and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed and will have a lot of fun learning to create beauty.

I hope we can help. I continue to offer up prayers.


Gillian said...

Joanna is such a sweet and genuine lady, and a inspiration to so many, her online workshops are amazing, I'm so glad I have signed up for three so far. I hold both Joanna & Ron in my thoughts and prayers, sending positive thoughts their way.xox

sherry lee said...

Oh Gail, this breaks my heart. Joanna has had her own battle and to have to return to this with her husband, after such a long period of time!! And no insurance...which happens so's expensive, if you don't have a job that pays that and as we've said before, our health care in Canada is so much different than yours in the U.S.

Sending them prayers!

KathrynAntyr said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Perhaps the word will travel to some of my blog visitors as they find their way here.

I have a wonderful tour of Bloglandia that follows a magical map that I drew up in honor of my 1-year blogiversary. The tour includes several stops to all of my favorite people and places. I think you'll recognize a few of them. {wink}

When you swing by be sure to scroll to the end of the tour to learn about my new blog, True North Arts.

I'll swing by Joanna's site and look into taking her classes.

xoxo kathryn

Elizabeth said...

Do you mind if I copy what you ahve written about johanna's story and do a post on my blog?? Drop me a quick e-mail if this is ok with you!! I get lots of traffic!! I have just signed up for one of her classes that I have wanted to take for a very long time- WELL NOW is the time!!!
We are all here on this planet to reach out and help our fellow human being. This is our purpose and MY intention!1 Thank you so much for posting and sharing this story with us!!!!
thank you again Gail!

Dorthe said...

Gail , this is such a wonderfull way of helping ,beautifull of you-I think we are many many people thinking, and praying for Joanna and Ron just now, including me. I lost my sister last year to that dreadfull sickness and several friends, and I think I know what pain they both are in now.

Love and hugs Dorthe