Friday, June 26, 2009

You're Never to Old to Play with....

I was invited to a blog party! And for the first time I am able to participate in something like this. I guess you could call me a blog party newbie so I'm really nervous because I'm really kind of shy when it comes to parties and a lot of people. But I got excited and got a new dress and shoes. It's been so long since I've been to a party I'm concerned I look a little old fashioned.

But oh dear, it's to late now, I'm dressed and I'm late. I'm headed over to the Etsy Cottage Style blog to see what's happening with the party.

We've been asked to put up a post about what we've been playing with lately. So I've posted some pictures. I've always loved fabric, had a passion for it but really never got my act together to do a a whole lot with it. This past winter I had a strong hankering to do something with fabric. I even put my sewing machine in my studio hoping something would inspire me.

And just as I was getting ready to pack up the sewing machine to make room for other things since I wasn't being inspired and wasn't using it, I took the KC Willis Collage Camp workshop and found a fire lit under me. THIS was what I'd been looking for! That sewing machine wasn't going anywhere...I just moved it to one corner of the old desk I use and happily straddle that corner to zip away.

I dug through my fabric stash cupboard and rearranged my studio shelving to make room for a little bit of fabric to work with so I wouldn't have to keep tripping upstairs.

Oh my... I even set up the ironing board kind of semi permanently for now. Now THAT is unheard of! Ask my family.

My work table looks actually kind of neat right now even as I work on finishing a fabric collage for my bff who is coming to visit this weekend.

I even have more than one project started! Goodness, I haven't done that in SO long. I find I've gotten slower in my work habits as I age. ;-) This little fabric papier mache box will be finished soon and listed in my Etsy shop next week.
And these hard bound fabric covered journals will also be listed in the Etsy store next week...
along with this papier mache box that is already finished.

So dear bloggers that is what I have been playing with lately. And now KC has started workshops in her Colorado studio! KC Willis Studio Retreats where she says "Take your art and your life to the next level" and "If you thought Collage Camp was inspiring...the in-person workshops will be nothing short of...dare I"
Oh to be one who could go to this retreat and have a life-changing experience! Now THAT would be something to blog about! Visit KC's ning sites and check out all her magnificent offerings of workshops and retreats and if you can run, don't walk to have the opportunity to learn from KC. You won't be disappointed.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cottage Rust

Do you like rust? I do! :-) So I brought some into the cottage. Of course our rust is for our art projects so it only goes where we want it.

We have a rusty bird

rusty fence

rusty filigree corners 3"

rusty filigree corners 2"

rusty flower border
rusty mesh

rusty heart 3"
rusty skeleton keys 2 1/4"
maybe not so much rusty as old looking

So stop on by Shabby Cottage Studio and check out out our fun new items.
and Happy Creating!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Playing for Change visual powerful. I've often played with a naive fantasy during times of my life, that if we could only get the whole world singing, we could do away with the hatred and misunderstandings. Because music speaks to our hearts, no matter who we are, no matter where we live, no matter our beliefs, what color our skin might be or what our native language. If you aren't aware of Playing Ffor Change take a look at this video, enjoy and join me in my fantasy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Challenge! No? Really?

Yes really! I actually took on another challenge and have it done! This is so amazing for me that maybe it should make headlines! LOL Surely it would be a lot more fun than what's usually in the headlines these days. Dontchathink? ;-)

I've mentioned the KC Willis Collage Camp class I sign up for. Well KC posed a challenge to us that I couldn't resist. To make a fabric collage using all recyled/re-used material. Nothing purchased. My creative muse jumped up, hands waving in the air, all excited like,, me...let me do it! So what are you gonna do when they are that persistent but let them have their way.

So everything used in this piece I found in and around my home and studio. The back is part of an old quilt top, other layers are parts of old jeans, old pillow fabric, vintage curtains and vintage chenille bedspread. I embellished with parts of an old chambray shirt...the button strip and the cuff for the quote. So if not toally vintage, everything is totally old. Even the fabric I printed the image on is part of an old pillowcase I ran through my laser printer. Okay, so the ink is new and purchased. ;-)

And just like the challenges over at Mind Wide Open I did this not because of the marvelous prize (a KC Willis original) but because it was just so much darned fun, got me outside my box and gave me some me time in my studio. And that's what counts in the end....exciting my muse.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I've Been Designing Again

Sometimes you just get on a roll. And I think that's where I've been. I know I've been so inspired the past couple weeks that my studio has seen more of me than it has in ages. And as usual what happens, at least with me, when I'm truly inspired in one arena, it carries over into another.

First I designed two new fabric collage wall hangings. One for my mom and one for my sister and it was ever so much fun designing for people I love.

The quote says "How do people make it through life without a sister?"
There were SO many perfect quotes I could have used on this piece and it was hard choosing just one.

This quote says "God gave us memories that we might have Roses in December." The entire time I worked on this I kept wondering, what is an appropriate quote not only for my mom but for someone who is almost 77 years old? And then I thought, what is the thing we most collect as we travel our journey of aging. Memories was the answer that came to me. And when I knew the answer to that I had no problem choosing a quote to go with this hanging.


I was also inspired digitally and so created four new collage sheets that simply flowed out from my mood of creating the wall hangings. You can find these in the online store and don't forget...all our collage sheets are available not only in great quality printed format but digitally as well.

Altered Divas 8
French Perfume Labels - Combo Sizes

Scrabble Tile Sizes

Domino Tiles Potpourri

I hope everyone is having a marvelous weekend. Me? I'm headed back to the head is full of ideas!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Thrice Blessed

When the universe smiles on you it is a fair and wondrous thing. There are times it may smile on you but you are oblivious to your good just happens that way. But when it smiles on us and we are aware of what is happening then I feel that is a true blessing. This past week and through the weekend I have been blessed.

My first blessing is that I never win anything. Zip. Nada. Just not one of those kind of people. So only once in a while do I join in a blog giveaway. But every now and then along comes a blog give away where the item up for grabs is something I would love very much to have. Which is what was going on over at Nellie Wortman's blog. I was strolling through blogland and there was this amazing book on Nellie's blog that she was giving away! Giving away!

So I threw my hat in the ring, blew a wish to Nellie and never gave it backward thought. And I won! Now how amazing is that?! To win something I so coveted was my first blessing.

If you've stopped by the Mind Wide Open blog this week you may have seen my post about KC Willis Collage Camp. It is my second blessing simply because it almost didn't happen. And what a blessing it has been! This has been an amazing class. It has opened wide a door for my creative muse who has been desiring to delve into fabric more than in the past. A door I've been looking at but couldn't find the knob. But at Camp I didn't need any silly knob because KC blew that sucker wide open with her six guns of talent blazing forth and invited me and my muse right in! My brain has not stopped since she did that! If you get the chance, run, don't walk to KC's class and you will not be one whit disappointed!

Here is the first piece I have created for camp and I now have two more on the drawing board with more planned after those.

And the third blessing of last week. Except for the roof (later this summer) little potting shed fantasy has come to life!

Here is a photo of the shed the day we came to look at the property. I knew it had potential.

This little shed had one window on the opposite side of this one. I always knew there needed to be a window on this wall. So here it is first side painted, sans windows.

I've collected old windows for years as I used to paint and sell them. So here it is with the window and the raspberry trellis.

And of course I needed one for the back too. Right? And Mr. Shabby, sweetheart of a hard working man that he is, accommodated me.

It's an old vertical window I had him turn horizontally. Unfortunately he had to trample some of my Queen Anne's Lace but they'll come back.

Here is the shade garden, and that wall is crying out for more "stuff".

I got so slap happy with the aqua and pink paint I even dry brushed it on the stepping stones.

Okay this was just plain ole latidah fun. I did some salvaging of things from the flood for the shed project and this was one of them. The bottom of this ole floor lamp lamp was so pretty I couldn't bear to throw it away. I turned it upside down and put an old resin potpourri hanger (without the chain) on top of it to cover the ugly bottom. I should have got a better close's an angel and a bird.

And TA DA! The front all done!

It is simply the happiest little shed in the neighborhood. While I was painting this door I thought, oh my the neighbors will no longer have to guess that I'm crazy once they see this door (but of course I didn't care lol). And I swear... I no more than had that thought when my neighbor (who I never see or talk to) stepped out on her balcony and yelled over to me..."did you mean to paint it like that?" and I thought hoo boy....but I turned and smiled and waved and said, yes I did! And she smiled at me and called back...."It's beautiful!" Well of course it is. :-)