Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Challenge! No? Really?

Yes really! I actually took on another challenge and have it done! This is so amazing for me that maybe it should make headlines! LOL Surely it would be a lot more fun than what's usually in the headlines these days. Dontchathink? ;-)

I've mentioned the KC Willis Collage Camp class I sign up for. Well KC posed a challenge to us that I couldn't resist. To make a fabric collage using all recyled/re-used material. Nothing purchased. My creative muse jumped up, hands waving in the air, all excited like, shouting...me, me...let me do it! So what are you gonna do when they are that persistent but let them have their way.

So everything used in this piece I found in and around my home and studio. The back is part of an old quilt top, other layers are parts of old jeans, old pillow fabric, vintage curtains and vintage chenille bedspread. I embellished with parts of an old chambray shirt...the button strip and the cuff for the quote. So if not toally vintage, everything is totally old. Even the fabric I printed the image on is part of an old pillowcase I ran through my laser printer. Okay, so the ink is new and purchased. ;-)

And just like the challenges over at Mind Wide Open I did this not because of the marvelous prize (a KC Willis original) but because it was just so much darned fun, got me outside my box and gave me some me time in my studio. And that's what counts in the end....exciting my muse.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a sweet, lovely piece! I love the palette - very fitting for the subject.

good luck on the contest!

I can't get it together to enter this one ... I have paper stuff out now. I can't get out paper AND fabric supplies at once - I get crazy from the mess and muss!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thanks Tristan, I'm the same way, on or the other or drive me mad!

Debra said...

Very cool and a very beutiful piece! Good for you (I don't think ink should count), and good luck on the contest!

Lynn said...

Your latest designs are wonderful Gail, sounds like you are having a lot of fun :) I love all the bits and pieces of recycled stuff you found for this piece, way to go on the challenge :)

Bunny said...

Oh I love this, what a pretty photo. Love all the stitching great job good luck.

Joy said...

It is absolutely ethereal, Gail. You have a way with fabric. :o)

KC Willis said...

Thanks for the great post and I really love the piece you made for the challenge. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I sure appreciate you spreading Camp News!


Dorthe said...

And it is so verey beautifull Gail, I love all things Marie Antoinette, and this one is perfect.

Hugs Dorthe

Sharon said...

Oh Gail, I was just going to ask you how you liked the class w/KC Willis. I am thinking about signing up too. Are you taking the class or did you get the videos? This inquiring mind wants to know.! I love your piece. Sharon

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Sharon I took the online class and it was worth every minute, every penny and then some!

Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Very Beautiful, of course! Love it!

Hope your having a good day. Pop over and see your good work.


Coastal Sisters said...

Ohhhhhhhhh how lovely!!!

Hope you have been doing well!!