Saturday, June 13, 2009

I've Been Designing Again

Sometimes you just get on a roll. And I think that's where I've been. I know I've been so inspired the past couple weeks that my studio has seen more of me than it has in ages. And as usual what happens, at least with me, when I'm truly inspired in one arena, it carries over into another.

First I designed two new fabric collage wall hangings. One for my mom and one for my sister and it was ever so much fun designing for people I love.

The quote says "How do people make it through life without a sister?"
There were SO many perfect quotes I could have used on this piece and it was hard choosing just one.

This quote says "God gave us memories that we might have Roses in December." The entire time I worked on this I kept wondering, what is an appropriate quote not only for my mom but for someone who is almost 77 years old? And then I thought, what is the thing we most collect as we travel our journey of aging. Memories was the answer that came to me. And when I knew the answer to that I had no problem choosing a quote to go with this hanging.


I was also inspired digitally and so created four new collage sheets that simply flowed out from my mood of creating the wall hangings. You can find these in the online store and don't forget...all our collage sheets are available not only in great quality printed format but digitally as well.

Altered Divas 8
French Perfume Labels - Combo Sizes

Scrabble Tile Sizes

Domino Tiles Potpourri

I hope everyone is having a marvelous weekend. Me? I'm headed back to the head is full of ideas!


Joy said...

Gail, your fabric creations are astounding. Your sister and mother will be beside themselves, I'm sure. :o)

debi @ life in my studio said...

OMG!! I'm speechless...those are absolutely STUNNING!

The Feathered Nest said...

Omygoodness!!! Gail! These fabric art quilts are just breathtaking!!!! YOU MUST make one for Art Quilt Studio....please???? Get it to Jenny by July 15th for the Dec. issue.....I'll just tell you what to do! But truly they are so beautiful and need to be published ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Coastal Sisters said...

Breathtaking!!!! This is so lovely. I agree with need to submit one for publication :) PRONTO!


Viola said...

Love your fabric collages, Gail! Absolutely gorgeous!! :o)

Melody said...

OH Gail!
Those fabric collages are gorgeous!! They are so victorian. Your Mom and Sis are so lucky. I agree with need to submit these works of inspiration.
...friends stitched together by embroidery thread...

Bunty said...


Your fabric collages are works of art! They are absolutely gorgeous. I also do needlework but haven't done any for a long while but you have inspired me to get out the machine again and thread up my needle!

Love the new digital sheets too!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

your fabric collages are fab - very romantic and nostalgic.

zJayne said...

Loved coming across your link again. I think your art is always a treat and your quote choices are perfect!

Hey there Hi there... take care.

~waving with a smile,
Jane aka zJayne