Monday, June 8, 2009

Thrice Blessed

When the universe smiles on you it is a fair and wondrous thing. There are times it may smile on you but you are oblivious to your good just happens that way. But when it smiles on us and we are aware of what is happening then I feel that is a true blessing. This past week and through the weekend I have been blessed.

My first blessing is that I never win anything. Zip. Nada. Just not one of those kind of people. So only once in a while do I join in a blog giveaway. But every now and then along comes a blog give away where the item up for grabs is something I would love very much to have. Which is what was going on over at Nellie Wortman's blog. I was strolling through blogland and there was this amazing book on Nellie's blog that she was giving away! Giving away!

So I threw my hat in the ring, blew a wish to Nellie and never gave it backward thought. And I won! Now how amazing is that?! To win something I so coveted was my first blessing.

If you've stopped by the Mind Wide Open blog this week you may have seen my post about KC Willis Collage Camp. It is my second blessing simply because it almost didn't happen. And what a blessing it has been! This has been an amazing class. It has opened wide a door for my creative muse who has been desiring to delve into fabric more than in the past. A door I've been looking at but couldn't find the knob. But at Camp I didn't need any silly knob because KC blew that sucker wide open with her six guns of talent blazing forth and invited me and my muse right in! My brain has not stopped since she did that! If you get the chance, run, don't walk to KC's class and you will not be one whit disappointed!

Here is the first piece I have created for camp and I now have two more on the drawing board with more planned after those.

And the third blessing of last week. Except for the roof (later this summer) little potting shed fantasy has come to life!

Here is a photo of the shed the day we came to look at the property. I knew it had potential.

This little shed had one window on the opposite side of this one. I always knew there needed to be a window on this wall. So here it is first side painted, sans windows.

I've collected old windows for years as I used to paint and sell them. So here it is with the window and the raspberry trellis.

And of course I needed one for the back too. Right? And Mr. Shabby, sweetheart of a hard working man that he is, accommodated me.

It's an old vertical window I had him turn horizontally. Unfortunately he had to trample some of my Queen Anne's Lace but they'll come back.

Here is the shade garden, and that wall is crying out for more "stuff".

I got so slap happy with the aqua and pink paint I even dry brushed it on the stepping stones.

Okay this was just plain ole latidah fun. I did some salvaging of things from the flood for the shed project and this was one of them. The bottom of this ole floor lamp lamp was so pretty I couldn't bear to throw it away. I turned it upside down and put an old resin potpourri hanger (without the chain) on top of it to cover the ugly bottom. I should have got a better close's an angel and a bird.

And TA DA! The front all done!

It is simply the happiest little shed in the neighborhood. While I was painting this door I thought, oh my the neighbors will no longer have to guess that I'm crazy once they see this door (but of course I didn't care lol). And I swear... I no more than had that thought when my neighbor (who I never see or talk to) stepped out on her balcony and yelled over to me..."did you mean to paint it like that?" and I thought hoo boy....but I turned and smiled and waved and said, yes I did! And she smiled at me and called back...."It's beautiful!" Well of course it is. :-)


The Joy of Nesting said...

YEA yea, HORAY, take a little happy dance across the yard :) Gail your little shed is truly the happiest sweetie any where!!You and Mr. Shabby have done a wonderful job :) Did I miss it or space it?? Did you tell us if you have plans for your new addition??

On a little different note, I'm more then sad :( I can't put things together for the soldering class. I have run out of ideas suggestions and maybe over there has it, for locating the copper foil. :( I also can't drum up a "Mule" who is coming down any time soon :( My only hope is if she offers it again. Thank you so much for all your help, I already have the equipment on my list to pick up when we go north in November.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Hey Pattie.
I think I posted that we were painting it and that was about it.
I'm sad you can't get thet supplies together too. That's go to be a pain. It will be an ongoing class so maybe something lucky will happen for you. Ya never know now do ya?

pinkglitterfae said...

congrats on everything Gail! isn't it wonderful when things fall into place like this?
love what you did with the shed! great work!!

Lynn said...

OMG, I love your little potting shed Gail :)
I also love your first creation from the KC workshop, and the book you won is awesome. I am not one that wins a lot of giveaways or enters them either, but I recently won two and was shocked, yet very happy at the same time.
I am sorry to hear about your flood, I am also sorry I didn't read about it earlier I am so out of the loop here, just busy all the time, but loving it.
Can't wait to see your next project :)

Nan said...

Hi Gail..This was just the happiest post to open up when Igot home. I can see why you love your! your class project looks so wonderful. Is KC's class online or are you near her? And thirdly (word?) I think your shed is just beautiful.Love the sideways window! Smiles...Nan

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Your collage is exquisite! Why haven't you posted it on the Camp Photos?! I love all the textures and do-dads - you were listening in class!

Congrats on winning the book - AND winning the contest at Lola's! You're having a lucky week!

Your little shed is FABULOSITY itself! I just love what you're done with it. How nice to have a potting shed. I have a potting DRAWER. sigh. Urban living.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Nan, KC's class is online and I linked her name to the class site. :-)

Tristan, thank you :-) is now posted over at Camp. Teh universe is still smiling so I'm going to take it while Ican get it since we know how quick it can turn around and kick you in the...ummm, teeth. lol

Shirley said...

I love your little shed. You have decorated it so neat. I really liked your pictures too.

Karen Valentine said...

Congrats on winning that wonderful!! But I think, deserving even more congratulations is the beautiful job you did on you own fabric collaged book. It is absolutely beautiful!

Valentine Studio

Joy said...

Gail, that is an AMAZING win indeed. Couldn't be more special. It is gorgeous.

And that SHED!! Words are not enough. I would live in that thing.

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh my goodness...I LOVE it!!! Laurie

Charmingdesigns said...

I forgot to mention....I LOVE YOUR Wallhanging!!!!!! It is addicting.huh. LOL. Laurie

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

Congrats on your win!! In ever win anything, either. Two years ago I did the OHOW thing, and the winner of my little gift had won 6 times that year!! That's crazy.

Anyway, the shed is wonderful. I'm sure it makes the neighbors smile.

joyfulploys said...

The cottage is the both did a great job on it. Congrats on your other blessings, isn't life the best, sometimes?

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

The little cottage shed is simply wonderful!!! I love what you did with the decorating! Awesome!!!

Beth said...

I just discovered your beautiful blog. It is such a treat to my heart to see all the beauty here. I especially LOVE your little shed. I will visit here often.

Sharon said...

I love this little shed. It has great character.It's happy! Sharon