Sunday, July 5, 2009

After the Fourth

Today was gloomy and rainy and I'm happy. Why? Because it happened AFTER the big Fourth of July party at my sister's last night. And I do mean big. She has a blended family and she and my BIL have worked hard to make sure each and every child and grandchild from near and far attended. And attend they did. From FL, GA, TX, IN, and NC.

They started arriving last Monday and all but two were headed back out today. Plus one of my nephews came bringing a van load of church kids in Friday as they are attending a summer church camp not far from here this next week so they were part and parcel of the party. So all in all we ended up being 50 mouths to feed and ooh and ahh over the big fireworks show my Bil and sister provided everyone. That was 46 humanoid mouths and 4 canine. They started at age can't walk yet,up to a still young 77 & 79. A merry time was had by all. :-)

Today I found a challenge I decided to participate in. A digital challenge ...right up my alley. :-) The blog is called Artarazzi and is for digital artists so if you're interested come on over and join. If I understand it correctly they put a challenge image up every Saturday and then the challenge is to do something digitally with it. So I thought I'd give it a try...the young woman was the image we had to work with. It was fun and I think I just might do it again.

If you noticed the little blue bird on my left sidebar...yes I've joined Twitter. The verdict is still out and he may yet disappear. I'm not so sure about all the hooorah about Twitter but I'm game to try something until it proves to not be worth my effort. So consider this my effort. If you are on Twitter let me know and I'll follow you. ;-)
I hope you all had a Fantastic Fourth!!!!!!!!


Melody said...

Hi Gail!
Your new journals are beautiful.
Hey I joined Twitter after seeing it on Oprah, for 2 weeks and disappointedly closed it. Lots of people piled on, but after the first few sending porn!!! I closed it. Guess Oprah doesn't get those twit tweeters, or her staff erases them before she takes up her time. Until they get some kind of controls to it I won't waste my viewing time.
Take care and careful what you open.

Nita Jo said...

Lol! I joined Twitter, and have not been back yet. I keep getting requests from people who want to "follow" but when I checked, they look like porn. Not my thing. I guess I just don't get Twitter. I will give it a chance, but I have the feeling it will just take time away from my favorite thing... blogging, and following blogs!

Veronica said...

Hi Gail - fabulous work - and I love your flickr items as well - you are one talented lady
Hope to see you again


Vron xxxx