Friday, July 17, 2009

Cottage Doings and FAB Friday

Okay so it might be strange to see a refrigerator

and a dishwasher (still in the box) in someones dining room.
And actually have someone be happy about it!
Well, around my house, with the updating we continue to do on the cottage as we can afford it, the dining room seems to be only one of the several places around here,for storage depository of things waiting to go elsewhere. I have been waiting on this dishwasher for EIGHT, yes count them EIGHT, years. have a dishwasher actually sitting in my dining room, even still in the box, means I am that much closer to seeing it in my kitchen. Well...wait a actually seeing a kitchen! And that make me a happy woman.
Some of you may remember these pictures from last Fall.
The oven corner in all it's hated ugliness
before Mr Shabby started to work on it

Oh...wait! Here is something else waiting in my dining room for a new home...and it sat there for a few months folks...we're not known for our speed on renovations around here. ;-)

But look here, it actually got to the corner it was intended for and even an oven installed! Of course it's not finished yet, (what else is new lol) it needs a few more doors.

Well then, this was the fridge corner in one of it's stages

and the fridge even got moved into the corner. Only to discover it wouldn't work there because of the doors. Seems the freezer door is to close to the wall and won't open all the way and no room to move it away from the wall as a new sink base and counter top are already built and ordered. Ergo, the new fridge in the dining room. At least I was able to get a new style and color of fridge I wanted but didn't think I'd get. Of course the ole wallet wasn't expecting that hit. ;-)
And there at the back of the porch you see my new sink cabinet waiting for the new counter top expected any time now.
Then we decided to turn the back porch into kind of a big pantry. So the new linoleum is waiting on the front porch while this old primitive cabinet has a section added to it and is converted to a sink and plumbed (is that a word?) on the back porch. Hopefully that starts today.
I personally am riding shotgun on this whole project. :-) After all these years I simply want it done. Now. The patience has reached it's end and the wife is now threatening to run away if this is not done by the end of summer. Do you think we'll make it? I seriously doubt it. lol But at least we're on our way.

And here are a couple pictures I forgot to post earlier when we did it. I used to find old chairs and vanity stools all the time, add a feminine touch and sell them in my store. It's just a fun thing I loved to do and I used it to rationalize my fabric obsession (since I don't really sew but liked to buy fabric). This was an old chair I had in my basement my sister bought from me for a little spot of femininity in her bedroom. She's holding the back because it was missing the screws. I just loved this chair the moment I spotted it.

And here it is finished and ready for her bedroom.
So that's it for what's happening at the cottage. Below is your free atc size image for FAB Friday. If you like it, take it and use for whatever you want, if you don't like it come back next Friday as I never know what will come off the digital drawing board until I do it. :-)


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

your kitchen looks fab! I'm going through some kitchen remodeling now, too.

quite an adventure, isn't it?! LOL

Jemjoop said...

Love the primitive sink cabinet, your kitchen is looking wonderful.

Remodeling projects will test even the strongest marriages and kitchens have got to be the hardest. Stress city. Hang in there.

LillySue said...

OOOooooo, I am so excited for you!! Kitchen redos are my favorites because I know how much they mean to the lady of the house! I can hardly wait to see the progress!
We are working on ours too and I go order the new granite counters tomorrow!