Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has had a great week! My week was busy, I had to get the final bits done on the new digital class and then I developed a sciatic nerve problem in my left leg (new to me) and had to visit the Dr. She gave me some meds that make me sleepy so please cross you fingers and say a little prayer that that is all I will need. My brain is loopy and it is difficult to stand or walk for more than a couple minutes. Other than that I'm fine. At least I get out of having to cook and wash dishes. ;-)

I finally got some pictures of a couple pieces I completed before this leg thing happened so I thought I would share them with you.

Marie Shrine

The Power of a Girl Wall Hanging

And here is our FAB (free ATC background) Friday image. Remember it's ATC sized (2.5 x 3.5) and if you like it you can grab it and use it for anything you want. If it's not your style then come back next Friday when I offer up another one from my digital drawing board. :-)

Until next time have a FABulous weekend!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Friday everyone! I shared this over at Mind Wide Open but I love it so much I'm sharing it here too. Watch and be amazed!

And below is your FAB (free atc background)Friday image. It is ATC sized at 2.5 x3.5" and if you like it take it and use it for whatever you want wherever you want, no credit required. Neither you or I ever know what might come off my digital drawing board so come back next Friday for the next image.

Have a FABulous weekend!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Progress Continues!

I just wanted to pop in to share the progress on the old kitchen reno. Last time I spoke of progress the new fridge and the dishwasher were parked in the dining room and the oven and oven cabinet were being installed. Well that is done and the fridge and dishwasher are now out of the dining room and in their new permanent spots! The fridge is getting cold so we can transfer all the food from the old fridge to the new.

The new counter top arrived and is in Mr. Shabby's workshop being custom measured to fit in it's allotted space and also for the sink hole and then it will be cut and placed. The new sink and faucet has been purchased after only one return each...okay, yes, Gail changed her mind. ;-)

And after eight...yes count em folks... EIGHT years of no dishwasher, this baby is now the star of this kitchen!!!

And here is that whole wall with the new base cabinet in and waiting for the counter top and all the entails. I opted for no back splash and will run tile from counter up to window sill. There is still a matching cupboard to be built over the fridge.

So as you can imagine I am one ecstatic woman!!! Mr. Shabby is doing a fantastic job and I'm proud of his skills and talent with all those tools in his workshop. :-)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thank you Little Lovables!

I don't know about you...maybe it's my age, maybe it's the times we live in and being so overexposed to the media...but these days I find the world frightening me more, the political climate and what it is doing to the America I've always loved has me saddened to no end and it seems there are so many people filled with hate and anger who don't mind letting it all hang out. But I try to push the fear down, get on with my little life here in the mountains and smile in the face of it all.

Then something will happen that makes me truly smile even more and recognize that, while all these things are going on in the world, there are still wonderful, kind people, doing wonderful and kind things that once again overshadow the negativity others want to put out there.

And one such person is Lisa over at Little Lovables. She sent me an email last night to let me know she had included one of my fabric tags in her post "The Art of Giving Part 2". So THANK YOU Lisa for including my little tag amongst all the other beautiful tags you presented. It is a kind and wonderful thing you've done for others. And you are appreciated in my little corner of the world.

Friday, August 14, 2009

FAB Friday

I've been immersed all day in getting the last part of my online Photoshop/Elements digital class on the way to being done. It starts Aug. 26 and I'm really excited about this class because I'm putting so much information in this class. I love the idea that I actually can help people make these powerful softwares their friend rather than feeling afraid and frustrated with it. It's heady stuff!

And speaking of classes we have a new offering on the horizon I'm also excited about. Those of you who visit have seen me playing with fabric lately of which I've become a bit addicted thanks to KC Willis who opened my eyes which in turn drove my creative muse to a different place. Lovey Debrow who I met through KC's class, does fabric transfers with gel medium and transparencies, and she will be teaching this process starting Sept. 29. So stop by Creative Workshops and check it out!

Here is your FAB (free ATC bakcground) Friday offering from my digital drawing board. (Come take a class with me and you too can create images like this). Always ATC sized (2.5"x3.5") if you like it then take it...use if for whatever you want. If you don't like it come back next Friday for a new FAB Friday image. I never know what is coming off my drawing board until it's done.

I wish everyone a SUPER weekend and Happy Creating!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lots to share & FAB Friday

Whew, it's been a busy week at the Cottage! Artwork completed and listed, new inventory in and finally uploaded to the shop, working on some new journal fabric designs for a swap. :-) So let me get some pictures up and then if you want to see more just click on the links :-) or I'll be here forever adding pics.

Over at the online store we've got all the memory glass sizes and most colors of all the frame sizes back in stock.

If you've been visiting me long enough I'm sure you've figured out by now that I have a "thing" about flowers. These are just a few of the new ones arrived this week from Prima...who do such marvelous flowers that I'm putty in their hands.

Halloween projects anyone? Crafty Secrets do marvelous stickers...their quality is wonderful, the colors are great and they are intricately diecut so no white edges! We carry a lot of different themes because I can never make up my mind which are my favorites.

I also love Blue Moon and their Lost and Found collection. Another company who does quality work with wonderful themes. I've added a number of them to the shop this week and here a couple. And yes they're charms and are great for those who create jewelry but I'm one of the ones who use my wire cutters to cut off the charm hanger most of the time and use them in my collage work.

K & Co. is now at the Cottage. Love these journal pockets and their coordinating pretty tags already with ribbon! Journal on them, yes...but add your own little collage and embellishment and you're that much closer to a quick finished project or gift.

When I was a kid I loved wax seals. Remember when you could make your own. Well mine were never this pretty. An embossed bird, crown and fleur de lis design.

And more from K & Co....they call them tag pads and man are they pretty , we have several different kind and this is just one of them!

And okay...more flowers! These are 3 layers and marvelous!

Metal corners, and two frames. What can't you do with these?!

So if you like some of these items there are more waiting in the store. You can just click on the What's New button and it will take you to all the new "stuff" because there is more where these came from. :-)

These are the new fabric tags I listed over at the Etsy store. I hope you like them as much as I do.

So that's enough right? Yeah. I agree. But one more thing...what about your FAB(free atc background) Friday image? Well I didn't forget. :-) No I wasn't seeing red whenI created this, simply in the color of red mood. As always... take it if you like it, use it for whatever you want. If you don't like it come back next Friday for another one because I never know what I'm going to create until it's done. Wishing one and all a glorious weekend!