Thursday, August 20, 2009

Progress Continues!

I just wanted to pop in to share the progress on the old kitchen reno. Last time I spoke of progress the new fridge and the dishwasher were parked in the dining room and the oven and oven cabinet were being installed. Well that is done and the fridge and dishwasher are now out of the dining room and in their new permanent spots! The fridge is getting cold so we can transfer all the food from the old fridge to the new.

The new counter top arrived and is in Mr. Shabby's workshop being custom measured to fit in it's allotted space and also for the sink hole and then it will be cut and placed. The new sink and faucet has been purchased after only one return each...okay, yes, Gail changed her mind. ;-)

And after eight...yes count em folks... EIGHT years of no dishwasher, this baby is now the star of this kitchen!!!

And here is that whole wall with the new base cabinet in and waiting for the counter top and all the entails. I opted for no back splash and will run tile from counter up to window sill. There is still a matching cupboard to be built over the fridge.

So as you can imagine I am one ecstatic woman!!! Mr. Shabby is doing a fantastic job and I'm proud of his skills and talent with all those tools in his workshop. :-)


Sheri said...

Love the base cabinets and your new appliances. Eight years??? Wow, you're one tough woman!!! What will the counter tops be? We remodeled our kitchen eight years ago~a complete gut job. But already it feels dated. I wish I had done refurbished wood for the counter tops instead of tile. Too busy to cook anyway~a kitchen should look too good to actually use, I think! LOL

Joy said...

Oooh, a brand-spankin' new dishwasher! {cue angels singing} - awesome!

I've left you a little something at my blog today. :o)

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Sheri I chose a laminate that looks like granite in a mottled browns and blacks. Mr Shabby said I could choose something a bit more expensive since we won't have a lot of counter space but my Taurus nature is trying to keep us on budget. ;-)

Man Joy you better believe I head those angels singing when that baby was installed!

Nita Jo said...

Gail, Your kitchen is looking fantastic. That Mr. Shabby is one talented guy! You'll have people trying to borrow him before long. Folks borrow my guy for help with cars... he loves tinkering with old classic cars. Anyway, I know you are gonna love your new kitchen. It's lovely.

Oh... I love your music! I couldn't figure out what was missing at first, then I went looking for your Playlist. Sometimes I leave it playing while I browse other blogs.

Happy Friday!
Nita Jo

PCarriker said...

Looking so great Gail! Love the cabinets, very pretty!

Cherrie said...

Dishwasher nice! I don't have one either and if I was going to remodel I would add one also!
It looks beautiful can't wait to see the finished pictures.
Take Care,

Lynn said...

Oh no, you poor thing, no dishwasher for 8 years? I have to have one, it saves soooooo much time :)
Love your new cupboards and can't wait to see it all finished :)