Monday, September 28, 2009

An Affair of the Heart

Some of you who follow my blog may already realize that lately I've been having a mad love affair.  With fabric that is! ;-)  Fabric has always been a secret vice of mine even though I don't really "sew".  Maybe it has something to do with being an artist and loving color and pattern and texture, but all my life, walking into a fabric store, much like a bookstore or art supply store, puts my heart in pitterpat overdrive.

I believe there is a growing trend in the mixed media world to incorporate more and more fabric in to our artwork and I personally find something magical in transferring images to fabric.  I am doing research and  experimenting more these days with applying my images to fabric in order to incorporate them into my  overall composition of fabric.

If you are playing with fabric, or thinking about it, and want to learn an easy way to apply your images to fabric then you should check out the class being offered by Lovey Johnson-Debrow over at Creative Workshops.  I met Lovey at the KC Willis Collage Camp and loved the work she was doing with her image transfers.

 Using gel medium and transparencies she truly takes away the fear and intimidation one feels when image transfers are discussed.  Lovey makes image transfers on fabric a piece of cake!  If you are not familiar with Lovey's work you need to visit her blog Fabric Photo Memories.  She creates artwork using the most amazingly gorgeous images of African American and Native American women.  And in this workshop Lovey will be teaching you how to use your images to incorporate into your own artwork with fabric transfers!

Lovey is warm and enthusiastic and I love her passion for art.  She does an excellent job at teaching this process.  Just think of the freedom this ability to transfer your images to fabric will offer you!  Adding fabric to my own art has certainly gotten me outside my own box!  You should try it on your box. ;-)

The Fabric Photo Transfer workshop starts tomorrow Sept. 29 and within a very short time you will find yourself successfully doing fabric image transfers.  Remember our classes are all taught through the medium of video so it's like you are in the classroom with your teacher, and with our private workshop forum for each class, you have access to your teacher for questions and problem solving and a workshop is a great way to meet like minded people!  So come visit us at Creative Workshops and sign up for Lovey's won't be disappointed!


Brushed By An Angel said...

This seems so interesting. I have seen it done but have never tried it myself.

Myrna said...

I just love your creations, Gail..and the fabric ones are beautiful!
By the way~ I have FINALLY opened an etsy shop!Thanks for your encouragement!
It's on my blog, if you want to check it out...I'm having a giveaway, too!

Sandra said...

Love your work. Heading over to check out the workshop. I took a collage class a year or so ago but didn't continue after the class! That's my prob. Feel like I can't do on my own.
Mathy,Techy,Artsy Fartsy