Friday, September 25, 2009

FAB Friday and another kitchen update

I hope everyone has had a great week and looking forward to an even greater weekend!   I am working hard to get things done that need attention so I can spend the weekend in my studio.  My muse is busting at the seams.  Plus I signed up to do a one day art show in Raleigh Thanksgiving weekend!  So I am trying to hustle to get more inventory created.  At least I don't have to be responsible for the whole space as I'm sharing it with my best friend Liz.  It's been more years than I can remember since I did a show...and I said I'd never do another one...they are a LOT of hard work.  But I also am one who is always saying "never say never".  Apparently I don't listen to myself on this subject. ;-)

We have another step done in the process of the kitchen remodel. I am so thrilled.  And yesterday I found the exact tile I want for the back splash so another decision made feels wonderful.  Here is the picture.

  Mr. Shabby is now working on the final upper cupboards, then I've asked for an arched "valance type thingy" over the sink, we need to add the tile and I think that side of the kitchen will be done.  I"m real excited because I think we're going to add a small gas fireplace to the kitchen.  I stumbled on it yesterday and fell in love.  We just have to take some measurements to see if we can squeeze it in the corner where we want it.

I spent last weekend in Raleigh with Liz and as always we had a blast hitting the flea market, antique shops, (where I spent way to much money) Joann's fabrics (where I spent once again  way to much money) eating great food and basking in the warmth of a long time friendship.  It was a much needed respite for the both of us and I came home with my battery recharged and I haven't stopped since I got here.  Liz surprised me with a journal that she covered with some of my decorative papers I sell in the store and then painted on them for me. Here are the pictures.  Do I have to even say I was thrilled to pieces!  She is a gorgeous talented painter and you can find her classes over at Creative Workshops with more coming this winter.


I didn't mean to miss Fab Friday last week, it just slipped my mind as I made preparations for the trip.  So again, this week I present you with two FAB (free atc background) images.  And since I have a bad habit of usually working in a vertical format I switched and created these horizontally.  So if you like them, take them use them for whatever you want.  If you don't like them come back next Friday because I never know what will come off the digital drawing board from week to week.

Ciao babies!


Joy said...

These backgrounds are gorgeous! I find that I hardly ever do a landscape ATC but I'm going to use these and really give it a try! Although I think they would be just fine to use them portrait too. :o) Thanks so much for the freebies Gail!

Jemjoop said...

Gas fireplace in the kitchen, how wonderful! Hope it fits. The renovations are really coming along well.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Gail!!! Sounds like you are having a blast...I'm so glad ~ you are such an angel ~ thank you very much for visiting me and your kind words on the article. I hope your show is amazing girlfriend!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Nita Jo said...


First, your kitchen is looking so good! I'm excited for you.

Second, That journal is gorgeous! I hadn't thought of painting on one of the backgrounds. What a sweet gift.

And of course, thank you for the images. Beautiful as always!

Nita Jo

dolls like us said...

I think I could learn alot from you .