Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yo! Lissen up!

Okay I'm being silly with my blog title today. But I was hoping to get a little attention. ;-) In the previous post I mentioned that for us artists/crafters/and-generally-all-around-creative people, that it's not to soon to start thinking about holiday projects. Well I'm still kicking that thought around.

How often have you said to yourself..."Self, I sure would like to learn how to solder so I can make those really cool charms and give them as gifts or sell them in my store!" And Self nods sagely but plays the devil's advocate by replying..."oh that would be wonderful wouldn't it?! But it's so hard to solder! You have to buy new supplies to solder! And who are you going to get to show you how to do it properly? Huh? huh huh?"
Well I've tried my hand at soldering and I can only say that when I was learning I wish Lorraine Stobie had been available for me to learn through her wonderful video class over at Creative Workshops. And I'm not just saying that cuz I kinda like Creative Workshops. :-)

Think you can't learn to solder by video? Think again. It's certainly easier than trying to learn by reading it in a book and looking at those pictures because those pictures aren't moving. I can't tell you how many times I stared and stared at those pictures trying to figure out exactly how they were getting that solder to go where I wanted it! But then maybe I'm just book learning challenged. ;-) Give me a video any day if I can't have the teacher in person!

I tried to find a class locally where I could learn this skill and my only option was a stained glass shop where I would have to actually create some stained glass pieces that I'm not remotely interested in.  I love stained glass but I'd rather support a stained glass artist and buy it than learn to create it since it's charms I really want to do.  So that really wasn't an option.  But I must say, the owner of the stained glass shop was marvelous with me and actually showed me a few things when I stopped in there to check out supplies and classes.  But a few minutes in a busy shop doesn't stay with you when you're trying to remember...did she hold that straight up? At an angle? Which angle?.  A video that I could have watched over and over as she applies that solder would have been more helpful in the long run.

Lorraine has clear close ups and she explains everything so easily, she shows you close up how to get that silly little bead of solder on that narrow little piece of taped glass. When I watched the video my automatic response was OH! So that's how I'm supposed to do it, gosh that's so much easier than I was making it!  Plus Lorraine would have told me exactly what I needed and made my supply costs so much more reasonable...because I had to end up buying a second soldering gun!  Plus buying more copper tape than I needed because I got conflicting information from reading. 

And yes, of course you have to practice.  Now come on, let's be practical rather than many new skills don't need some practice?  But watching Lorraine's video you'll be up and running in no time.  Time enough to make those soldered charms for Christmas gifts or add to your store for holiday shoppers!

The name of her wonderful class is called Just Charming ~ Soldering 101


Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Thank you for this "lovin" Gail! Fabulous......

Diva Kreszl said...

Thanks for this encouraging post! How did you know my inner voice was telling me 'it's just too hard'! I'm definitely going to check this out because I would love to do this!!!

Juls~ said...

Hi Gail! Great post and information. I do believe that I need to learn how to solder some day. I think the Christmas gift idea for that is great - one more thing to get addicted to, eh? It reminded me of my Dad soldering in his TV repair shop growing up! If you want pointers, email my Dad! ;)

Also, I'd like to check into that digital art class you linked. She looks like she has a ton of info to share and would be helpful for me just starting out in digital photoshop CS3.

Stop by my blog anytime!

{xoxo} Juls~