Friday, October 30, 2009

FAB Friday it is

Oops, I almost did it again.  Forget to put up the FAB Friday image.  I don't know that it's that I'm so forgetful as that I often seem to lose track of what day it is.  Which is what happens when you work for yourself at home AND your DH is retired.  Days sometimes lose their name.  I actually have a little calender taped to my keyboard to help me remember dates but at time even that fails to penetrate the brain.  Plus I've been working on getting ready for an art show in Raleigh the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.  My brain and my focus is being pulled in many different directions.  When I can I try to compartmentalize days and say okay, tomorrow concentrate on Etsy work, the next day the online store and take photos and write descriptions, the following day aim for studio time, so forth and so on...but we know it doesn't always work that way don't we.  There are emails and phones to answer, distractions and interruptions and unexpected happenings or snafus.  All part of  a day's work.  So I have days when I feel so scattered I feel I get nothing accomplished.  But today I concentrated on tags for the show and actually got a bunch done.  Yay! :-)

So it's late in the evening but it's still Friday and here is the FAB (free atc background) Friday free image.  If you like it, take it, use it as you will.  If you don't like it come back next Friday to see if I have something you like better.  I never know until I hit the Save As button what you will see.

I'm wishing everyone a BOO-ti-ful weekend.
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Jenny S said...

Happy Halloween! Email me the details of the art show so I can let my Raleigh customers know!!

Melody said...

Welcome to my world...If Castle is on it's Mon....If CSI is on it's Thur....If I miss a show..ha my system is shot. The only day I know for sure is Sun. cause church is at 8a, but it starts all over again. Hope you're havin a spooktacular halloween.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh I'm happy to know I'm not alone! lol

Liz Miller CDA said...

This image is so beautiful and moody. Love it!