Friday, October 16, 2009

FAB Friday on Friday! And a kitchen story Oh My!

Yes I'm actually doing it! Posting the FAB Friday image on Friday. New around here? FAB (free ATC background)Friday is when I post an image you can grab and use however you like. It comes off my digital drawing board, is always 2.5" x 3.5" when created (atc size). So if you like it feel free to grab it for yourself and if you don't like it stop back next week because I never know what comes off that drawing board until it's done.

Have you ever done a DIY kitchen renovation?  It's an interesting process.  Of course the first thing we usually want to do is design our dream kitchen.  But.  And there is always a but.  First you have to consider budget...the most important thing...and what can actually be done within those confines.  Then you have to know how to compromise, because if you don't have a big budget (like us) and you are making it fit an existing space (meaning no walls moved or tore down) then most likely say bye bye dream kitchen and get truly creative. 

Our actual working kitchen area is small, about 11 x (almost)12 and only two walls with which to work in counter space, sink and appliances. 

So here is our kitchen the morning we first saw the inside of the house.  We actually combined a vacation  with house looking.  Our Realtor was nice enough to meet us the morning we were leaving (at 7:30 AM!) so we could get a look inside before we headed back to Florida.  Notice all the upgrades and all the counter space! LOL

And by the by, what cabinets were there, were metal!  And rusty dirty!  Ack!

But I saw potential...a diamond in the rough.
Little did I know I would be living the "rough" for almost 8 years because the kitchen needed an complete overhaul and our budget wasn't going there yet!

We tore out everything but the sink.  Even took the down the old wallboard because it also didn't feel clean and we had to know what we would deal with behind the walls.

And this is what I had to depress me whenever I came to my kitchen.  You know how much time we spend in a kitchen right?!

Wondering what that is under the lights? An old dresser we've been using to store dishes and utensils and use as our one and only counter. The old sink is porcelain and had slanted ridged sides so they could not be used as counter space. Oh. And notice the clean dishes? EIGHT YEARS WITHOUT A DISHWASHER LADIES! So this is why in my previous posts I was so excited about the dishwasher

Since we are doing the kitchen our self it has to be done in stages.  The sink wall has been the first stage.  And it is almost done!  The tile for the back splash is bought but not up yet.  The glass fronted cabinets that run from the fridge side to the oven side above the sink is now on order and then a few finishing details and that part will be done.  Can you hear me singing hallelujah???

The cabinets for the other wall were all ordered today and hopefully by early spring we will have the stove side of the kitchen done (fingers crossed).  It's hard to wait but I figure if I can wait 8 years I can get through this!

Now we're working on the eat in area of the kitchen and I'll be back later with pictures for that.   New flooring (purchased and waiting) ceiling tiles and crown molding will be the last things done in the kitchen.  Or at least that's the plan.  And one thing you learn about DIY projects is that plans can and absolutely do change!

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!  Me?  I'll be hanging wallpaper below a chair rail. :-)


Penny said...

oh Gail,
Your New Kitchen is shaping up nicely. God love you girl that you could wait 8 years to get it done.
Hope the wallpapering went well.

Lynn said...

Your new kitchen is looking FAB!!!! You deserve it after waiting so long :)

Deirdra Doan said...

HI Gail,
Your digital class was the most wonderful class for me. I use the info all the time. Maybe this winter I will take the other 2 you have now...I just discovered them.

Happy Fall! oxo
PS I also love to listen to you talk your voice has mixed with creating and having fun in my heart!

Coastal Sisters said...

Oh my....this looks wonderful! We do not have a dishwasher (I can hear gasping!) so I feel your pain with having to do without one :)

Hope you are well my dear. I have been as busy as a kitty in a litter box so I am trying to catch up on Blog visits over the next few days.



You are making wonderful progress on your kitchen. It's tough having it all torn up but worth it in the end. We re-did ours. Added granite countertops and painted the cabinets RED!!!

Happy hammering,