Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Inspiration

I have recently been introduced to a new magazine.  My very first digital magazine!  So I had no idea what to expect. I must say I was pleasantly surprised when the PDF copy of Totally Creative magazine landed in my inbox the other day.  Fifty pages of craftiness!  Normally I am not a craft magazine sort of person and I did not expect the magazine to be of this size or so chock full of ideas and projects!

A few of the the first things I noticed and liked about this digital magazine actually wasn't the projects.What I really liked, and appreciated, was the fact that being a PDF, I can zoom in on the type if needed to read something easier. how nice it was to be able to have wonderful quality pictures of the projects AND be able to zoom in on them while retaining that wonderful quality. Last on my list of likes was the fact that in the supply lists I can simply click on a number of product links to go directly to the product website.In a regular magazine I have to bring the magazine to the computer and type in the addresses I want to visit.I must say so far I'm diggin' on this whole digital magazine thing. :-)And if I absolutely needed a hard copy in my hand I can simply print out what I want.

Now I explored further and started to look at the individual parts. I enjoyed the Feature articles, especially Diary of a Disorganized Designer Diva Part 1.You know what hooked me into reading his article?This statement made by author Madeline Faiella...."reality is not like those fancy crafting studios you see in creative magazines."Because it is a sentiment I have held for a long Yes we all want our studios or craft room to look nice but they have to be functional too and look like someone really works there! So the article was refreshing for me.The other feature article I enjoyed was Creative Niche: Organizing Your Creative Space.Ummm, maybe you can see the path my thinking was following. ;-)

There were some wonderful in depth tutorials and simple projects that didn't have that "simple" look and they covered a gamut of materials and ideas from clay to fabric to paper to wool & needle felting.There were projects for crafting with the kids and some crafting just for mom.Which works for me as my kids are both 4 legged and they keep getting tangled in the project and are just generally not helpful.

I also loved the product reviews! As a seller of altered art and mixed media supplies and an artist who also uses those supplies, a product review will grab me every time! If you haven't had a chance to check out this magazine yet (I think it's not been on the market that long) I say go for it!You can purchase it by the single issues or subscribe.And right now I notice they are offering a discount on their subscription price.You will find them at


peggy gatto said...

Some great info here, thank you!

Lynn said...

This sounds like a great idea and a good magazine :) I know that you can get Cloth Paper Scissors now in digi format, wish more magazines would do that too. Thanks Gail, I am going to check it out in a few.