Friday, October 23, 2009

More makeover pictures & FAB Friday image

This is how one thing leads to another.  Mr. Shabby has been saying to me for a long time, "wouldn't the kitchen be nice with a small gas fireplace in it?"  Mrs. Shabby of course agrees with him but her practical nature asserts itself and claims, "yes, but our eat in area really is to small for  fireplace".  This is a discussion that has continued in many, many forms for quite some time now, in fact a verrrry looong time.  And Mrs. Shabby gave in.  BUT.  And you know there is always a but.  IF we do that we will have to go to a really small table to make some room for this fireplace you insist on dear.  And so we compromised.

Mr. Shabby got his fireplace (now residing in the infamous dining room where all projects seem to end up in wait limbo)

And since we have a nice dining room we could switch to a small bistro style table just for two in the eat in area.  And so Mrs. Shabby got this adorable bunny table and chairs.

So then the conversation went like this.  Well I guess we better go ahead and buy the kitchen flooring and get that installed then the gas people only have to come out once to cut the hole in the floor and do the connection.  Okay, sounds reasonable to me.

But... and you know there is always a but...since we're going to redo the walls we should do those first before we lay the floor.  Yep, sounds reasonable to me because then we don't have to worry about getting paint and "stuff" on the new floor.

I decided to do wallpaper below the bead board and under the chair rail. But...yep, you know there is always a but... somehow I missed the wallpaper calculation by one sheet(!) so we had to stop and wait.  It arrived today so tomorrow we can finish wallpapering.

I thought I would do a nice glaze treatment on the textured wallpaper.  Paint it the same aqua blue color as the wall, glaze with a nice earth brown (I've done this color combo before and it's beautiful) but for some reason on the wallpaper sample it just looks dirty.  So, I'm rethinking below the chair rail and am considering maybe a kind of brown but...yes, there is always a but isn't there.... I'm stuck right now on this so who knows what color it will actually end up.

Then I found this old cabinet I fell in love with.
It's hard to tell in this photo because it was a bad light day and the yellow is influencing everything but the outside is a great chippy aqua.  The inside was an ugly brown so that part got repainted.   Then I had to figure out what to do about the empty sides and door.  I wanted practical storage...I already have a built in glass front china cabinet in the dining room for the pretty stuff.

And I had a roll of this fabric hanging around from when I ordered it years ago but never got around to using.  So here it is finished.  The shelves inside give me great storage for so many things.

But now....and there is always a but isn't there(!)...I have to redo my dining room color scheme because while I've loved the yellow it is just now to strong with everything else going on.  I've already changed out the red fabric you see peeking in the corner of this pic to the fabric you see peeking out in the fireplace pic above.

 So yesterday I picked up some color swatches .  Some kind of cream color for sure (probably below the chair rail). And a form of tan/brown above?  Or vice versa?  Oh my now I'm in more "think" mode.  And then I'll have to recreate the stencil design above the chair rail because Mr Shabby loves it...and after that then I'll have to...

Oh the joy of DIY projects! :-)

Here is your FAB (free atc background) Friday image.  If you like it, take it and use it for whatever you want.  If you don't like it, there will be something else next Friday, so stop back by.

I'm wishing everyone a super weekend! 

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Coastal Sisters said...

I love the cabinet! That is awesome what you did with the fabric! You are amazing :)

Come over and take a look at my posting today and see the color of my walls in my foyer. It looks a wee bit like some of your brown paint samples. It's called Alexandria Beige by Benjamin Moore. I love it because you can put any color scheme with it and it looks so good. I haved used it in 4 rooms in my house and it's marvelous.

Tell Mr. Shabby I love the wee fireplace.

Your table and chairs are to die for.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for the free image :)


Melody said...

Your home is gonna be even lovlier. The wood stove is perfect and the table so whimsical! I cannot wait to see the finish.
Have fun!

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

OMG...That cabinet redo is just gorgeous; thnks for sharing!

Please stop by and read my post at about my dad's Fresco Paintings in the Cathedrals of Southern Italy. The photos are lovely and no matter what age I am, I'm still daddy's proud little girl. Come see; you'll be glad u did!

Kathy said...

ok, i think i love mr shabby too. you are a fabulous story teller Gail. and the makeovers are really great. love the cabinet too.

Charmingdesigns said...

LOL!!! I can just hear the conversation!!!

Tracy M. said...

I love the fireplace and the little bunny table and chairs. Your house is wonderful!
Take care,
Tracy M.