Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wow! Pinch me!

Yep!  Little ole me!  I'm SO EXCITED!  Along with other multi talented artists, Pam Carriker has asked me to be a contributing artist to her new book "Art at the Speed of Life" due out in the fall of 2010.  And I'm absolutely thrilled and honored and humbled.  Plus I'm so happy and excited for Miss Pam because I know this has been a dream of hers and she has worked really hard for it. 
She deserves every bit of success that comes her way. 
Not only for her talent but also for dedication to her dream. 
Because when you focus on
dreams do come true. 
Big round of applause, a HUGE hug and many smoochies sweetie! 

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Charmingdesigns said...

Congrates to you! You also are so deserving!! I want to sign up for your layers class, now I'm waiting for my money to tranfer from my bank to paypal. I've been having issues with paypal and I don't know for sure if I have it back on track. Its suppose to take the money right from my debit card but it hasn't been doing it,then I found out I didn't put in my new cards experation date. So, I'll just wait a few more days...then you'll hear from me.

PCarriker said...

thanks Gail!! So glad you are sharing this with me:-)

The Lone Dollier said...


I don't know how you do it. I have tried and tried to use Photoshop. Even had a class on it a while back. I'm totally lost every time and I'm pretty technologically savy.

One of the things I collect is old, antique books, cabinet photos, and tin types; oh, and vintage postcards. I would LOVE to be able to digitally alter them and reduce them to the miniature size I need for the ideas I have in mind. But for some reason, I have this huge block. So, I'm so IMPRESSED at your work. Oh, to be able to do that!

Heck, I just purchased a TON of stamps and inks just to do stuff like this in miniature and have no CLUE how to do any of it!!!! LOL.

So, I'm IMPRESSED (think I already said's too late for me to blog). Anyhow, you've got a fan and a follower.


Nita Jo said...

Gail, How exciting for you, and for Pam! Love knowing that there are people out there making their dreams come true. It's inspiring!

Nita Jo