Friday, November 6, 2009

More Sharing & FAB Friday Image

I'm back once again with something I'd like to share.  Something near and dear to my heart.  Around this time last year the opening of Creative Workshops kicked off.  It was a dream that had been looping itself through my ofttimes befuddled brain for quite some time before it became an actuality.  So I guess you could say it's kind of ... 

 I nurture it, feed it and burp it when needed. No site is problem free and Ning has thrown some interesting challenges at my trouble shooting skills. And so far it seems I've managed to take care of most things in one fashion or another in the best way I can. I guess it's what moms do right?

I've received so many wonderful emails from those taking the Creative Workshops journey.  I don't usually mention them becuase I don't want it to seem like I'm bragging or anything like that but I must say I am proud of each and every one I've received.  But I am sharing one today for a special reason.  First let me state that although this mentions my class this is NOT about me or my class. 
It is about Creative Workshops as a whole. 
And it is about where determination can take one.

"Hi Gail,
I signed up for this basic digital collage workshop probably about a month ago. I got very frustrated trying to do the 1st project. Several attempts and I just felt it was hopeless. I've had lots of chaos the past few months so I have not been able to sit down and really dig into this the way I had hoped. I was afraid I'd be getting a notice that I was being booted out for taking wayyyy too long. I'd try to sneak in some time at work and then try to stay awake when I got done with chores at home to work on the class. Neither was very fruitful.

This evening I was able to find time to myself and decided to try the Cherish Venice Lesson. I have just finished it and feel so very inspired. Despite the fact that it is more complex than the first collage you taught, I finally felt like I was getting it. No, not getting ALL of it, but getting enough so that my final Cherish Venice collage isn't horrible anyway.

I want to thank you for letting me move at my own pace through this class. Admittedly it is a much slower pace than anticipated but it has been such a blessing to still have this workshop to come to when I can steal away a few minutes for myself.

I plan to come back and redo this Cherish Venice lesson again and see if the second time through I catch on even more. I thank you for your detailed instructions and the images you have shared with us.

Did I understand that there is one more lesson after Cherish Venice? I sure hope so now that I feel like there is a glimmer of hope for me!!

Anyway, I want to thank you so very much for not putting time pressure on us with this workshop. It has made all of the difference for me.

Once I feel more comfortable with the basic instructions in this workshop, I have every intention of signing up for the new digital layers workshop you have! I can hardly wait!

Thank you for your commitment to your students."

Deborah Bohm Widup

This email is why I do my best to have all our teachers commit to ongoing workshops rather than workshops that have a start and end date.   Thank you Deborah!  You are what Creative Workshops is all about.

Here is your FAB (free ATC background) Friday image.  If you like it, grab it and you an use it for whatever you want.  If you don't like it come back next Friday when I'll put up another image.

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Coastal Sisters said...

You know what, that was such a sweet letter and she's's so wonderful that we can all work at our own pace and you are always there to help when needed. I was frustrated too when I first started out but never gave up and now I am totally addicted and still learning.

Thank you so much for the freebie sweets!

Happy Friday!

Charmingdesigns said...

I'm glad you posted that. Whats funny is, I signed up for Digi brushes. not knowing what it was. At the time when I watched it, my thought was uh oh, I made a mistake, this isn't what I wanted. So I left it alone for a long time. I came back to it this week and now I understand it more and now I know where I want to use it. So, yes, it is fantastic that it is always there! Thank you Gail

Diane said...

Your blog is the most beautiful blog I can imagine. It's just a joy to open it up to all the beautiful colors and ideas. What is Creative Workshop and do I need photoshop? I really would be interested in looking into it.

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Gail.
Congrats on the invite to work with Pam and her new book!

What a lovely and inspiring email from your customer and student.

Thank you for sharing!