Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!

God Bless Us. Every. One.
Merry Christmas to all and to all
A Good Night.

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Friday, December 18, 2009


Two posts from me on the same day! Highly unusual.  But I just felt like an update. :-)
 "They" were right. It started snowing about 1:30 here in the mountains. And now at 4:30 this is what we have and it's still snowing.  Reports from Raleigh say they are getting the same.

  So pretty!  Even if it did prevent me from travelling.  At least I'm warm and safe at home, the fireplaces are going, Mr. Shabby has a pot of bean soup on the stove that is making me so hungry, and I spent the afternoon tucked up under a blanket in my comfy chair reading my new book, with absolutely no guilt nagging at me.  I mean I'm not even supposed to be here right?  So why should I feel any guilt to actually accomplish something. ;-) 
Ahhh, life is grand with it's small and simple pleasures.

Looking out our back door

View from the kitchen window

Gracie checking out our "bird tree" in the computer room.
Sorry little darlin', no birdies in the tree today.
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Shame on you Mother Nature

I admit to sitting here writing this post feeling most aggravated. I am supposed to be on my way down the mountain to Raleigh, NC for fun and friendship, laughter, good food, antique shopping and that warm cozy Christmas is coming feeling you get when you share time with ones you love. But it "ain't gonna happen". No sirree.
Mother Nature has other plans.

"They say" we are getting some of this.  But even more likely ice.  Through the whole weekend.
And it's a 70/80% chance Raleigh will get to share it with us.  So travel plans have been scrapped.
Now I really can say Bah Humbug!  To Mother Nature.

Well at least I got a new art book in the mail today so I guess I can get into the studio and play.  Alone.  All by play buddy, no art pal... 
 Is that enough w(h)ine for you. LOL

At least I have your Friday FAB (free atc background) image ready for you so I know I won't be late with it. :-)
As usual I say if you like it,  take and use it for whatever you want and if you don't like it don't take it and try again next week when I'll put another image up.  Don't forget to click onthe image to get it at full size before you save it to your computer.

Until next time dear blog friends, stay warm and dry and have a fun weekend!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winding Down

While so many of you are hustling and bustling, I've been concentrating on winding down. And thinking. I got my artwork sent off to Pam today for my little contribution to her new book Art at the Speed of Life. So now I have to finish writing what I am referring to as my "essay" that goes with the little section of the book and since I'm not a writer it is coming slowly. I type, I erase some. I type some more, I erase some more. Get my drift? ;-) But I'm not too worried, I have time before the deadline and it will come. 

We usually have a quiet Christmas as we are a small family so not a lot of hoopla.  We're off to Raleigh this weekend so spend an early Christmas with Liz and Rick before we each celebrate with our families.

So what have I been doing with myself?  Like I said.  Thinking.  About the coming year, setting some goals I would like to accomplish.  I've been reading, all kinds of things, books and on the computer.  And I have started some experimentation's.  This fabric obsession I am wrapped up in these days has led me to some interesting places. 

I actually have been playing with a little embroidery. 

It gets me away from the computer and my studio and is still something creative I can do while being comfy elsewhere.   I finally Googled some embroidery stitch directions and plan on practicing real embroidery stitches. :-)  So don't look to closely at these, I was just playing.

I recently purchased Beryl Taylors book "Mixed Media Explorations" and also purchased her DVD "Layer by Layer" put out by Interweave Press.  I was fascinated by the fabric paper she creates and gave it a go.
Here is a small piece of fabric paper (I cut from a much larger piece) I created according to Beryl and it is definitely something I will create more of as I see a lot of possibilities here.  The heart was another experiment from a book I mentioned in an earlier post...Fabric Art Collage by Rebekah Meier.

One evening I came across a blog called Wise Craft with this little tutorial for fabric flowers.  Looked easy enough so I tried it.  But I took it a step further and stiffened it.  Again, I see possibilities for these flowers both ways, floppy and stiff and know I will be making more.

 I came across these pictures of Miss Gracie and thought I would share.

She likes to visit my studio if I don't keep the door closed. 

Her favorite spots are always on the work table amongst all the work.

Don't worry the soldering iron is not on!
I think she was using the paint brush though.

I have this little plastic basket on my worktable that I've been throwing fabric scraps in.
Last night I found something more than scraps in the basket.

Her "Do Not Disturb" look.

A recent foggy morning looking across the neighboring horse pasture toward the mountains.  I did photoshop some of the power lines out, as they were distracting.

I am enjoying the time I am taking just for me...I guess you could call it my Christmas present to myself. :-)  I know it won't last.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sharing a smile on FAB Friday

I was perusing You Tube looking for a particular something and came across this instead and was absolutely entranced by the way this couple chose to start their wedding. I hope it lifts you up as it did me.  (Ok I'm also a sentimental sap and I admit it made me teary eyed too, thinking of the joy and love that must have been in their hearts.)

And here is the Friday FAB (free atc background) for you. Lately I am fascinated with ornamental, 18th century French designs. If you like this design click on it to get the full size and you can use it for whatever you want, no strings. If you don't like it, check in next week to see if I might have something you like better. My designs are off the cuff, no prethinking about them.

Wishing everyone a WARM and wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Collage Sheets & a Little Holiday Promotion


Baby Talk 1.5" images

Holiday Potpourri 1.5" images

Patina  1.5" images

Black and White Potpourri

Floral Birds & Eggs
I LOVE my customers and I'm offering a fun Special PROMOTION SALE. Through midnight Dec. 17 for every $5.00 you spend I will send you 1(one)digital collage sheet FREE. Spend $20.00 Get 4 (four) free DIGITAL Collage sheets..spend $40.00 get 6 free DIGITAL COLLAGE SHEETS! See how the game works?

When you check out simply list the titles of the sheets you want in the box below WE'D LOVE TO KNOW HOW YOU HEARD OF US! And I'll send them on their way. Easy Peasy!
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday FAB Image (Yes it's still Monday!)

Friday absolutely ran past me on it's way to Monday!  But it doesn't faze me one bit, I can still list the image because it's my blog and I can do what I want to! LOL  I also decided to create another horizontal design this time. 
If you like the FAB (Free ATC Background) image then go ahead and grab it while you're here.  Simply click on the image to get it at it's largest size (2.5"x 3.5") and then save to your computer.  Yep it's that simple and it's all yours baby, do what you want with it. If you don't like it then come back this Friday and see if I offer something you DO like.  I don't plan ahead, it's whatever comes off the top of my head when I jump  into my PS Elements program.
Wishing everyone a great week!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

One Big Holiday Down

Did everyone survive their holiday?  I'm certainly hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving in however a manner you celebrated it!  I had an outdoor show to do in Raleigh NC and so Friday morning we had to get up EAR-LY to arrive in Raleigh in time to get everything done before Saturday.  Then they got me up EARL-LY!!! again Saturday morning to get to the show for a 7:15am set up.  And it was C.O.L.D.  I don't do early morning very well and I certainly don't do early morning and cold well at all.  But I put my best game smile on and bravely got out there and we got the tent set up and everything displayed.  Thank goodness as the day progressed it was much warmer in the sun of which we had plenty thankyouverymuch. :-)

Liz promoting her art classes...she had to wait a while for her hands to warm up before she could even start painting

Some of Liz's beautiful painting...believe me no picture does her work justice!

Tags and journals per moi!

Wall Hangings

Liz has an article coming out in  the Decorative Painter Magazine and I'm thrilled for her.  Plus she made the gift bags from a couple of the decorative papers I sell so that was cool.  The article is a complete how to, from making the bags to painting the designs. 

I haven't listed any artwork in my Etsy store for quite a while because I was saving everything for the show with the idea that once the show was done I would then have inventory fore the store.  So if you're looking for affordable gift ideas I'm in the throes of starting to list the tags and journals, bottles, boxes etc.

I have different size journals/notebooks at different price points and the tags are a package of 6 for $5.00 and make nice little pick up gifts and great for so many things.  So stop on by the store as I will have more listed throughout the weekend.

Okay I guess I better go get busy!  I'm working on some new projects for my section of Pam Carrikers new book...Art at the Speed of Life, plus I have an article yet to write and the deadline is looming.  So if you don't see me much here this month you'll know I'm in the studio waving at ya!

Wishing everyone a WARM and wonderful weekend!

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