Thursday, December 3, 2009

One Big Holiday Down

Did everyone survive their holiday?  I'm certainly hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving in however a manner you celebrated it!  I had an outdoor show to do in Raleigh NC and so Friday morning we had to get up EAR-LY to arrive in Raleigh in time to get everything done before Saturday.  Then they got me up EARL-LY!!! again Saturday morning to get to the show for a 7:15am set up.  And it was C.O.L.D.  I don't do early morning very well and I certainly don't do early morning and cold well at all.  But I put my best game smile on and bravely got out there and we got the tent set up and everything displayed.  Thank goodness as the day progressed it was much warmer in the sun of which we had plenty thankyouverymuch. :-)

Liz promoting her art classes...she had to wait a while for her hands to warm up before she could even start painting

Some of Liz's beautiful painting...believe me no picture does her work justice!

Tags and journals per moi!

Wall Hangings

Liz has an article coming out in  the Decorative Painter Magazine and I'm thrilled for her.  Plus she made the gift bags from a couple of the decorative papers I sell so that was cool.  The article is a complete how to, from making the bags to painting the designs. 

I haven't listed any artwork in my Etsy store for quite a while because I was saving everything for the show with the idea that once the show was done I would then have inventory fore the store.  So if you're looking for affordable gift ideas I'm in the throes of starting to list the tags and journals, bottles, boxes etc.

I have different size journals/notebooks at different price points and the tags are a package of 6 for $5.00 and make nice little pick up gifts and great for so many things.  So stop on by the store as I will have more listed throughout the weekend.

Okay I guess I better go get busy!  I'm working on some new projects for my section of Pam Carrikers new book...Art at the Speed of Life, plus I have an article yet to write and the deadline is looming.  So if you don't see me much here this month you'll know I'm in the studio waving at ya!

Wishing everyone a WARM and wonderful weekend!

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LuLu Kellogg said...

I still feel like a big 'ole fat toad from Thanksgiving.......ughhh!

I can't believe you were in my hometown doing your show! Raleigh is where I was born and raised and I know the lady (Cynthia) that owns Ornamentea! Small world! I was just in Ornamentea in October when I went back for a visit :)

I will be glad when the holidays are over so I can breathe!


Jenny S said...

WHERE were you?? I completely missed you while I was there!! Hope it was a good show! I only was there for about an hour are the second friend I missed seeing!!

Melody said...

Hi Gail! Your Space looked great. You all have the best shows down south. Seems High Schools are the only venue around here. To top everything off I'm havin mountain withdral. Hopefully between xmas and New yr, we'll be headin least for a day... Can't wait.
Hope you're havin a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gail!!
You and all of your Friends are invited to my blog for a FREE GIVE AWAY OF MY WINTER ART PRINTS. I AM GIVING AWAY TWO PRINTS.
You are so welcome to come join in the fun!
Hugs, Darlene xo

Dorthe said...

Hi Gail,
I would love to buy your 3 kind of tags ,showed here on your blog -all in tan and blue tones, would it be possible for me, ?
I so hope they are very,very beautifull dear.

Hugs ,Dorthe

Bunty said...


I love all your goodies - they are so pretty. I hope you had a good day and haven't got too much left to go onto Etsy.

Always love your work. :)



Sam I Am said...

WOW!!! You've been a BUSY GIRL!!!! Holysmokes! Im DROOLING over here!!!!! :) :) :)
Merry Christmas sweets :)