Friday, December 18, 2009

Shame on you Mother Nature

I admit to sitting here writing this post feeling most aggravated. I am supposed to be on my way down the mountain to Raleigh, NC for fun and friendship, laughter, good food, antique shopping and that warm cozy Christmas is coming feeling you get when you share time with ones you love. But it "ain't gonna happen". No sirree.
Mother Nature has other plans.

"They say" we are getting some of this.  But even more likely ice.  Through the whole weekend.
And it's a 70/80% chance Raleigh will get to share it with us.  So travel plans have been scrapped.
Now I really can say Bah Humbug!  To Mother Nature.

Well at least I got a new art book in the mail today so I guess I can get into the studio and play.  Alone.  All by play buddy, no art pal... 
 Is that enough w(h)ine for you. LOL

At least I have your Friday FAB (free atc background) image ready for you so I know I won't be late with it. :-)
As usual I say if you like it,  take and use it for whatever you want and if you don't like it don't take it and try again next week when I'll put another image up.  Don't forget to click onthe image to get it at full size before you save it to your computer.

Until next time dear blog friends, stay warm and dry and have a fun weekend!

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LuLu Kellogg said...

You know Raleigh is where I am from. That is where my sister Lisa lives part of the week and the other half of the week she's on the coast. She's at the coast now and just called me to say her secretary in Raleigh just called to say it's snowing there. Ughhhhh! I am so sorry you did not get to go on your trip. We are under a severe winter storm warning here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The babies and I are just sitting here waiting for the snow to arrive. It's so pretty but does get in the way of socializing!!! Pfffffft!! Glad you have something to entertain you and you can stay snug in your studio!

Thanks for the free image! I love the colors and can't wait to use it in something!

Love to you dear one,

Jenny S said...

Yup I can say it is snowing here!!Sorry we are going to miss you!!

Melody said...

OOOHHHH so pretty. Just got home from snow yet. They say sleet first hoopie, then snow..only 2-3 inches by tomorrow night here. But, 50 miles east and south snow storm. Hope we do get a little. Maybe it'll start to feel like Christmas.

Jackie said...

Great background. Thanks!