Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winding Down

While so many of you are hustling and bustling, I've been concentrating on winding down. And thinking. I got my artwork sent off to Pam today for my little contribution to her new book Art at the Speed of Life. So now I have to finish writing what I am referring to as my "essay" that goes with the little section of the book and since I'm not a writer it is coming slowly. I type, I erase some. I type some more, I erase some more. Get my drift? ;-) But I'm not too worried, I have time before the deadline and it will come. 

We usually have a quiet Christmas as we are a small family so not a lot of hoopla.  We're off to Raleigh this weekend so spend an early Christmas with Liz and Rick before we each celebrate with our families.

So what have I been doing with myself?  Like I said.  Thinking.  About the coming year, setting some goals I would like to accomplish.  I've been reading, all kinds of things, books and on the computer.  And I have started some experimentation's.  This fabric obsession I am wrapped up in these days has led me to some interesting places. 

I actually have been playing with a little embroidery. 

It gets me away from the computer and my studio and is still something creative I can do while being comfy elsewhere.   I finally Googled some embroidery stitch directions and plan on practicing real embroidery stitches. :-)  So don't look to closely at these, I was just playing.

I recently purchased Beryl Taylors book "Mixed Media Explorations" and also purchased her DVD "Layer by Layer" put out by Interweave Press.  I was fascinated by the fabric paper she creates and gave it a go.
Here is a small piece of fabric paper (I cut from a much larger piece) I created according to Beryl and it is definitely something I will create more of as I see a lot of possibilities here.  The heart was another experiment from a book I mentioned in an earlier post...Fabric Art Collage by Rebekah Meier.

One evening I came across a blog called Wise Craft with this little tutorial for fabric flowers.  Looked easy enough so I tried it.  But I took it a step further and stiffened it.  Again, I see possibilities for these flowers both ways, floppy and stiff and know I will be making more.

 I came across these pictures of Miss Gracie and thought I would share.

She likes to visit my studio if I don't keep the door closed. 

Her favorite spots are always on the work table amongst all the work.

Don't worry the soldering iron is not on!
I think she was using the paint brush though.

I have this little plastic basket on my worktable that I've been throwing fabric scraps in.
Last night I found something more than scraps in the basket.

Her "Do Not Disturb" look.

A recent foggy morning looking across the neighboring horse pasture toward the mountains.  I did photoshop some of the power lines out, as they were distracting.

I am enjoying the time I am taking just for me...I guess you could call it my Christmas present to myself. :-)  I know it won't last.

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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Love this post and especially your darling pictures of your kitty. Mine is trying to walk on my keyboard as I write this. I think she is ready for me to go to bed.
Glad your winding down. If I would of been smart and started 6 months ago I could do the same
Merry Christmas

Melody said...

Season's Greetings Gail!!
You and I seem to be in the same place. But, I have been so discomboobalated for a few months now. Can't seem to get stuff done, started, over, under...maybe it's cause I just turned 49..yikes...
I wish ya all the luck with writing for a book!! I'd be so terrified it'd be writer's block to the inth degree. Your kitty is too cute. We now have 6 that just turned 6 mos. on the the 6th they are a handful. The dog still doesn't know quite what to do with ''s love/hate. They are starting gang up on him..not quite sure how this'll turn out. Your fog pic just adds to my Mountain Withdral!!! Jim gets his vacation, like me, the week between Xmas and NY, sooo we may take a day and drive down to Knoxville. Yes up and out by 6a and there by 10/11a not sure if we'll be able to stay over night, but just to ride in the mtns. is a recharge.
Better get back to doing the flower arrangements for delivery.

SweetAnnee said...

I HAVE to learn to make fleurs AND
to use my software.
Going to check your site out for a tutorial

Hopefully after the New Year.

There are days ..when I stand up, my head heart gets weary and I this cancer gonna get me, but I ALWAYS look forward as if I'll be here forever..So GOOD to hear from you
Friends make life so much better

LuLu Kellogg said...

Miss Gracie is ADORABLE! I love the pic of her in the scrapbox!

It must be so peaceful up there where you live...I love the picture you took where it was foggy...just so peaceful.

Happy Holidays my Sweet Friend,

Bunty said...

I am always so interested in what you do and love the fabric flowers. I have just been making a few paper flowers but will have a go at these fabric ones too!

Miss Gracie is lovely and cats just love to squeeze into tiny little boxes that they are just too big for!!

Have a wonderful Christmas Gail and I look forward to hearing about your plans for next year! :)

Best wishes


pinkglitterfae said...

it sounds like you are enjoying yourself, and managing to get some 'me' time. The fabric art is great! There is so much out there that we can get hooked on, it just never ends, lol! love the photos of Gracie, they will find any strange place to tuck themselves in :-)
my sister's cat kept disappearing, we know she had a hiding spot but couldn't find it...until one day I was opening a cabinet to get a pot, and saw 2 shining eyes peering at me. She was curled up in a crock pot, lol!

Merry Christmas!

Linda L. said...

Really enjoy when you share pics of Miss Gracie. These Blk-n-Whts are exceptionally nice. My fave is first...ooooo those eyes.