Monday, February 1, 2010

Brand New Classes at Creative Workshops!

I wanted to let all of you know that we have just added two new cool workshops over at Creative Workshops and they are open for registration so come check them out!

The first workshop is by the lovely and talented Jodi Ohl who also teaches our Fun with Faux Encaustics workshop and recently you may have seen her published article in Cloth Paper Scissors "A Beginners Guide to Beginning"

Jodi's new class is called Artistic Journaling...Your Way and it starts Feb. 28. Jodi has some great techniques and ideas for you whether you already journal, or are looking for a way to step into this magical world, as this workshop is geared towards creative's of all skill levels! The work shop will be especially helpful for those who are interested in art as a healing tool. You'll find yourself expressing your thoughts through writing and freestyle creativity at it's finest. And you'll learn to do it YOUR way. For a full workshop description AND a sneak peek preview here is a link for you

Our other new workshop is by the equally lovely and uber talented Liz Miller, CDA. If you want to learn to paint, Liz is a teacher par excellence...I know because many, many years ago she taught me and I turned it into a career and if I can learn so can anyone! In case you wonder what CDA stands for it is Certified Decorative Artist and an extremely high honor in the Decorative Painting field only surpassed by Master Decorative Artist and some artists have tried for up to TEN years to get certified. They have to go through a rigorous process and are judged by the absolute very best to be able to put those initials behind their name.

Master the Decorative Painting Basics starts Feb. 22. Liz is breaking this up into a 3 part series and each series covers different basic information leading up to the ability to paint a lovely design (provided by Liz) through what you learn in the class.

Liz holds your hand (via video) each step of the way and she breaks it down to make it so easy to understand. Part Two of the series will start in March and the last of the series in April. If you've wanted to learn to paint and always thought you couldn't...take this workshop! I'm just saying. :-)

Here is the link to the workshop description of the first part of the series.

And don't forget...our video classes are ongoing 24/7 so you can work at your own pace and fit them to your schedule.

Happy Monday! :-)

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Hi gail! The classes look fantastic!