Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kitchen Makeover update

Oh goodness but am I happy!  All the cabinet painting Mr. Shabby has been doing on our "stove side" of the kitchen this winter finally got done which meant installation was the next step, followed by adding the countertop, stove and floor.  So this week the bottom cabinets went in, the countertop arrived and a hole was cut for the cooktop.  Today the gas man is here to do the hook up and we have started the floor laying process.  So I thought I would share some pictures.

Cabinets installed.  All the bottom cabinets are actually pull out drawers.

Counter and cooktop.  An above the stove microwave still has to be installed and the old one will go away.  That shiny spot on the wall is a piece of sheet metal to cover the old wood burning stove pipe hole...there is a brick chimney behind that part of the wall.

This is the ugly old linoleum that never looked clean and is probably from  the 60's and is glued to the old wood floor.  We weren't about to take that mess up.

So this is the new wood floor we are starting to lay today. 

You might find this interesting.  I thought it was creative. ;-)
There is a doorway leading from the kitchen to the hall and a bedroom.  The problem was the door opened into the kitchen, making the wall behind it useless and visually using up almost 3 feet of space. And there is a jut out on that wall for some duct work going upstairs. We really needed to get rid of that door, yet we need a door during the winter so we can close off the hallway to save all the heat from going upstairs.

Then I found a solution in a magazine.  One of those mechanisms for barn doors to slide! 
So Mr Shabby installed one, we removed the old solid wood door and replaced it with one of the old dining room French doors we had removed to open up the dining room.  Cool huh?  And the other cool thing is it allowed us to put in a shallow pantry on the wall that once was useless.

It is very shallow, about 8" deep on top and 12" on the bottom.  Which suits me fine because I have things pretty much where I can see them and don't have to do a lot of shuffling.  Fake cabinets will go above it to the ceiling to finish the whole thing off but we have to wait until he floor is installed to deal with a height issue.

This one is great for all my spices and little cans and bottles.  And it hides the ugly jut out on the wall.

And this one is for canned goods above and taller items below.  Plus the shelves on the bottom pull out.  The toaster will move and this area will then become Mr. Shabby's "coffee bar" and the drawer above it holds all the coffee "stuff" Mr. Shabby uses. (I am not a coffee drinker.)

 Let's see, what's left...tiling backsplashes, new ceiling, custom island Mr. Shabby will build, very upper upper cabinets installed that will be for display only.  If you recall we have 10 foot ceilings and I'm getting to old to get on a dang ladder to get to a cupboard for something.  So absolutely display only. LOL  And I think that's it and then the kitchen will be done.

So now you can see why I'm so happy! It's been a long haul but I can see the light at the end of tunnel on this whole kitchen makeover process. 
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slommler said...

The kitchen is looking marvelous Gail!! I love the cabinets! And that floor will be awesome. Good going to Mr. Shabby!!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

It all looks marvelous - I love that sliding door! What a clever idea.

We remodeled our kitchen a couple years ago - living it through it was the worst - but the results are worth it.

Look forward to seeing updates!

Melody said...

Wow, the transformation is coming along nicely. Love the 'Fancy' barndoor.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gail, your kitchen looks so gorgeous! I so love white cabinets! :-)